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[MDHEXT]Does not commute (Android) (2015).7z (12.67M created 1469h 42m 11s ago)
(Cooper)Leo Steel and the Aztek Gold (Browser) (2005)(Numbat Studios, Hammock ADB)(Gamesprocket, Miniclip)[PC].7z (309.8K created 1458h 05m 10s ago)
Kirby Dream Collection Special Edition (2012-07-19)(HAL Laboratory)(Nintendo)[79 files].zip (135.45M created 1436h 18m 16s ago)
Watashi no Kare wa Pilot 2012 (2012)(Namco Bandai)[PS3].7z (22.63M created 1435h 21m 26s ago)
Lost Eden (1995)(Cryo Interactive)(Virgin Interactive Entertainment)[CD-I][MPEG 1 Layer 2][MPG].7z (46.27M created 1435h 04m 19s ago)
Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles HD (WebOS) (2010-01-25)(Gameloft)[Mobile].7z (4.57M created 1434h 43m 23s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Sonic Adventure (1998-12-23)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[DC][rr].7z (432.97M created 1415h 51m 50s ago)
[Slender]Iron Seed (1994)(Channel 7)[Pc].7z (1.46M created 1387h 34m 22s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (2000-08-31)(Ubi Soft Shanghai)(Ubi Soft)[PS1].7z (108.34M created 1370h 03m 18s ago)
[AceK]Steel Chronicle (2011-12-07)(Konami)[PC].7z (199.79M created 1341h 57m 14s ago)
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (2018-06-25)(Dontnod Entertainment)(Square-Enix) [PC].7z (217.28M created 1326h 47m 34s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Diablo II Lord of Destruction (2001)(Blizzard North)(Blizzard)[PC].7z (91.7M created 1306h 22m 57s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Escape From Zombie City (10-10-2013)(Tom Create)(Tom Create)[3DS].7z (16.64M created 1305h 29m 03s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Stretchmo [Hikudasu Hippaland] [Fullblox] (2015-05-13)(Intelligent Systems)(Nintendo)[3DS].7z (50.29M created 1303h 40m 12s ago)
maxplay.7z (9.51M created 1302h 04m 44s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Ultimate Spin Doctor (1996)(Callisto Corporation)(Expert Software)[PC].7z (64.85K created 1299h 00m 46s ago)
Super Mario 3D Land (2011-11-03)(Nintendo EAD Tokyo, Brownie Brown)(Nintendo)[3DS][rr].7z (149.26M created 1296h 48m 44s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Super Stickman Golf 3 [2016-07-06](Mac OS X)(Noodlecake Studios)[PC].7z (6.86M created 1290h 35m 57s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Flappy Golf 2 [2016-10-12](Mac OS X)(Noodlecake Studios)[PC].7z (7.13M created 1281h 00m 39s ago)
Ride 2 (2016-10-07)(Milestone S.r.l.)[PC].7z (275.23M created 1249h 12m 02s ago)
Happy Wars (2014-07-23)(Toylogic)[PC].7z (123.14M created 1246h 39m 53s ago)
Lego Alpha Team (2000-09-22)(Digital Domain)(Lego Media)[PC].7z (68.41M created 1224h 47m 26s ago)
Crazy Taxi 3 (2004-02-24)(Empire Interactive)(Hitmaker)(SEGA)[PC].7z (31.02M created 1224h 38m 43s ago)
[Cooper]Acid Factory (Browser) (2006)(Miniclip)[PC].7z (872.69K created 1223h 20m 15s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (2000-03-21)(Ubi Pictures)(Ubi Soft)[DC][rr].7z (326.5M created 1202h 40m 06s ago)
Need for Speed - ProStreet (2007-11-13)(Black Box)(Electronic Arts)[X360].7z (267.58M created 1202h 29m 36s ago)
[SuperMoonKnight]Sonic CD JP [Sonic The Hedgehog CD] (1992-12-04)(Sega AM7)(Sega)[SCD] Beta.7z (64.83M created 1199h 26m 50s ago)
[LukeWarnut]LEGO DC Super Villains (2018-10-16)(TT Games)(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)[PC].7z (439.76M created 1197h 23m 36s ago)
[Cooper]Motor City Online (2001-10-29)(EA Seattle)(Electronic Arts)[PC].7z (52.28M created 1195h 56m 52s ago)
[Cooper]Age of Sail (1996-11-30)(TalonSoft)[PC].7z (148.11M created 1195h 22m 59s ago)
[Cooper]Age of Sail II (2001-02-01)(Akella)(TalonSoft)[PC].7z (55.89M created 1195h 21m 44s ago)
[Cooper]Age of Sail II - Privateer's Bounty (2002-08-13)(Akella)(Global Star Software, TalonSoft)[PC].7z (45.86M created 1195h 19m 09s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Chicken Little (2005-10-20)(Avalanche Software)(Buena Vista Games)[Xbox].7z (104.4M created 1184h 05m 44s ago)
[Cooper]Star Trek - Voyager - Elite Force (2000-09-15)(Raven Software)(Activision)[PC].7z (76.47M created 1181h 04m 45s ago)
[Cooper]Star Trek - Elite Force II (2003-06-20)(Ritual Entertainment)(Activision)[PC].7z (162.4M created 1181h 01m 48s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton's The - Oogie's Revenge (2004-10-21)(Tose)(Capcom)[Xbox].7z (1.44G created 1151h 29m 08s ago)
[Slender]Charm Tale (2004)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (1.21M created 1139h 04m 51s ago)
[Slender]Charm Tale 2 (2007)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (6.09M created 1139h 03m 34s ago)
[Slender]Cosmic Stacker (2006)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (1.85M created 1139h 02m 40s ago)
[Slender]Fiber Twig (2004)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (714.09K created 1139h 02m 01s ago)
[Slender]Fiber Twig 2 (2005)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (1.77M created 1139h 00m 51s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000-04-05)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (1.91M created 1138h 02m 42s ago)
[Slender]Posh Shop (2007)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (2.38M created 1134h 08m 08s ago)
[JomSpoons]Mister Mosquito [Ka] (2001-06-21)(Zoom)(SCE)[PS2] {RERIP}.7z (119.66M created 1114h 17m 34s ago)
[Slender]Charm Solitaire (2005)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (990.48K created 1103h 54m 23s ago)
[Slender]Inspheration (2005)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (2.79M created 1056h 34m 08s ago)
[Danhanado] Tetris the Grand Master ACE (10.12.2005)(Arika) [X360].zip (33.01M created 1024h 21m 08s ago)
[Anterag]Monsters vs. Aliens (2009-03-24)(Beenox)(Activision)[Wii].7z (187.7M created 1007h 13m 01s ago)
Soldam - Drop, Connect, Erase [Soldam - Kaika Sengen] (2017-09-20)(City Connection)(Dispatch Games)[tails_, add txtp for segmented tracks and playlists].7z (26.87M created 953h 04m 44s ago)
Endless Ocean [Forever Blue] (2007-08-02)(Arika)(Nintendo)[Wii][tails_, add txtp for segments].7z (164.41M created 952h 47m 05s ago)
[Cooper]Radical Aces (Browser) (2003)(Radical Play)(Miniclip)[PC].7z (357.75K created 922h 47m 51s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Flying Gorilla (Android) (2015)(pinbit)[Mobile].7z (4.93M created 890h 00m 15s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Switch 'N' Shoot (Mac OS X) (2019-08-09)(Matt Glanville)[PC].7z (16.39M created 889h 30m 18s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Joltik's Super Circuit! (Browser) (2014)(The PokeĢmon Company) [PC].7z (3.07M created 888h 52m 03s ago)
Psychonauts (2005-04-19)(Double Fine)(Majesco)[Xbox].7z (853.64M created 841h 12m 05s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Incredible Machine, The - Version 3.0 (1995)(Dynamix)(Sierra On-Line)[PC].7z (322.71M created 792h 09m 09s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Yu Yu Hakusho DS - Ankoku Bujutsu Kai Hen (2006-9-21)(Takara Tomy)[NDS].rar (662.51K created 710h 49m 42s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Yu Yu Hakusho DS - Ankoku Bujutsu Kai Hen (2006-9-21)(Takara Tomy)[NDS].7z (654.45K created 710h 47m 00s ago)
[Slender]Inlay Wizard (2004)(Puzzle Lab)[PC].7z (1.02M created 703h 21m 50s ago)
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness (2000-09-08)(Namco)[PS1].7z (52.09M created 681h 07m 14s ago)
Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Ultimate All-Stars (2010-01-22)(Eighting)(Capcom)[Wii].7z (146.1M created 673h 18m 41s ago)
[1337haXXor] Expert (1996-05-31)(Nihon Bussan)[PSX].7z (244.22M created 535h 50m 40s ago)
[1337haXXor] Robbit mon Dieu (1999-10-14)(Sugar & Rockets)(SCE)[PSX].7z (61.62M created 533h 26m 58s ago)
Mighty Milky Way [DSiWare] (2011-05-09) (WayForward) [NCSF].7z (2.7M created 520h 19m 03s ago)
Portal (2007-10-10)(Valve)[PC].7z (38.61M created 499h 40m 32s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Bad Piggies (2012-09-27)(Rovio Entertainment)[PC).7z (4.32M created 449h 01m 56s ago)
[Gameboi64]Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 (2015-01-28)(Idea Factory, Felistella, Compile Heart)(Idea Factory)[PC].7z (175.11M created 436h 13m 26s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Portal (2007-10-10)(Valve)[PC][rr].7z (39.96M created 364h 41m 18s ago)
[Puterboy1]Wolfenstein - The New Order (2014-05-20)(MachineGames)(Bethesda)[PC].7z (352.87M created 354h 30m 53s ago)
Axis [Jaxis] (2001)(Jamie System Development Co. Ltd.)(Real Networks Inc.)[PC}.7z (47.75M created 289h 53m 25s ago)
[Cooper]Starship Troopers - Terran Ascendancy (2000-10-28)(Blue Tongue Entertainment)(MicroProse)[PC].7z (60.79M created 264h 25m 17s ago)
[Puterboy1]Thomas and the Magic Railroad Print Studio (2000)(Hasbro Interactive)(Europress)[PC].7z (26.16M created 144h 27m 58s ago)
GunZ.zip (22.33M created 78h 35m 32s ago)
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion - HD Renovation (2017-03-01)(Albino Moose Games)[PC].7z (61.68M created 50h 46m 25s ago)
The Last Blade [Bakumatsu Roman Gekka no Kenshi] (1999-02-25)(SNK Corporation)[PSX].7z (119.8M created 44h 53m 45s ago)
[marcusss]Max - The Curse of Brotherhood (2014-05-22)(Press Play)(Xbox Game Studios) [PC].7z (210.47M created 11h 18m 02s ago)
[marcusss]ENYO Arcade (2015-11-10)(James Mearman)(www.dev-zoo.net) [PC].7z (22.23M created 11h 15m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Disaster Dragon x Girls from Different Worlds (2019-11-05)(Alibi) [PC].7z (46.81M created 10h 31m 43s ago)