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Files currently on joshw.info uploaded through vgm.hcs64.com:

[LukeWarnut]Minecraft Dungeons (2020-05-26)(Mojang)(Xbox Game Studios)[PC].7z (54.4M created 2632h 13m 58s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Club Penguin (2013-05-09)(Disney Interactive Studios)[Mobile].7z (598.24M created 2632h 01m 13s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Worms 3 (2013-08-08)(Team 17)[iOS].7z (32.55M created 2624h 19m 48s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Worms 3 (2014-05-28)(Team 17)[Android].7z (20.43M created 2624h 18m 13s ago)
[Cooper]American McGee's Crooked House (2010-03-26)(Spicy Horse)[iOS].7z (5.11M created 2617h 20m 06s ago)
[Cooper]Silent Hill - The Escape (2008-12-17)(Konami)[iOS].7z (8.62M created 2616h 18m 35s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup (2015-08-22)(Pure Bang Games)(Riot Games)[Android].7z (1.84M created 2610h 49m 01s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I (2012-01-25)(Dimps)(Sega)[Android].7z (35.13M created 2610h 38m 39s ago)
[NoWool]Final Fantasy VII Demo (1997)(Square)[PS1].7z (501.49K created 2603h 39m 56s ago)
[threeblacknoises]Rhythm Heaven [Rhythm Tengoku Gold] [Rhythm Paradise] (2008-07-31)(Nintendo SPD1)(Nintendo)[NDS].7z (183.39M created 2554h 46m 11s ago)
[Pingu!]Looney Tunes - World of Mayhem (2018-05-08)(Scopely)[iOS].7z (3.89M created 2549h 54m 36s ago)
[NoWool]Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Beginning of Destiny [Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution] (2007-12-06)(Konami)[PS2].7z (93.6M created 2533h 15m 12s ago)
[Cooper]Manual Samuel (2016-08-11)(Perfectly Paranormal, Futurelab Limited)(Curve Digital)[PC].7z (243.23M created 2509h 10m 59s ago)
Misao - Definitive Edition (2017-10-25)(sen)(PLAYISM)[PC].7z (4.89M created 2503h 56m 52s ago)
Maggie's Apartment (2017-08-01)(Anatola Howard, Duncan Cross)[PC].7z (28.4M created 2502h 55m 19s ago)
Pokémon Dream Radar (2012-06-23)(Creatures)(Nintendo)[3DS].7z (14.11M created 2467h 21m 42s ago)
Pokédex 3D Pro (2012-11-08)(Creatures)(Nintendo)[3DS].7z (17.1M created 2467h 20m 18s ago)
[Dusty_dust]Super Monkey Ball (2001-09-14)(Amusement Vision)(Sega)[GC].7z (106.76M created 2452h 05m 50s ago)
[Pingu!]Temple Run (v.1.13) (2011-08-04)(Imangi Studios)[Mobile].7z (728.16K created 2449h 01m 15s ago)
[LukeWarnut]VVVVVV (2014-06-11)(Terry Cavanagh)(Distractionware)[Mobile].7z (40.75M created 2398h 23m 16s ago)
[Cooper]Sesame Street Art Workshop (1995)(Creative Wonders)(Children's Television Workshop)[PC].7z (934.1K created 2387h 19m 49s ago)
[grj1234]Oyatsu no Jikan (2004-12-24)(Studio Ring)[PC].7z (203.39M created 2332h 26m 05s ago)
[Pingu!]Frogger in Toy Town(v.1.2.0)(2019-09-20)(Q-Games)(Konami)[iOS].7z (60.73M created 2330h 54m 28s ago)
[1337haXXor]The Beast Inside (2019-10-17)(Illusion Ray Studio)(Movie Games S.A.)[PC].7z (81.27M created 2327h 40m 14s ago)
[qwertysampletext]Mii Maker (2012-11-18)(Nintendo)[Wii U].7z (14M created 2326h 13m 37s ago)
[Cooper]Indivisible (2019-10-08)(Lab Zero Games)(505 Games)[PC].7z (318.04M created 2298h 54m 24s ago)
[grj1234]Chuugaku Junbi - 5 Kyouka Kanpeki DS (2013)(Benesse)[NDS].7z (4M created 2294h 41m 43s ago)
[grj1234]Perfect Kanji Keisan Master DS (2011)(Benesse)[NDS].7z (984.34K created 2294h 40m 46s ago)
[Corak]Joint Operations - Typhoon Rising - Escalation (2004-06-15)(NovaLogic)(Electronic Arts).7z (67.1M created 2285h 09m 25s ago)
[Habanero]Tenerezza (2003-01-30)(AquaPlus)[PC].7z (54.15M created 2275h 11m 30s ago)
[Habanero]Vampire Hurts (2002-07-25)(EXE-Create)[PC].7z (148.26M created 2274h 55m 18s ago)
[Habanero]Millennium Racer - Y2K Fighters (1999)(Creat Studio)(Cryo Interactive Entertainment)[DC].7z (305.15M created 2274h 26m 08s ago)
[Corak]Screaming Mad George's Paranoia Scape (1998-04-02)(Mathilda)[PS1].7z (304.07M created 2270h 19m 24s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Dominos App feat. Hastune Miku (iOS) (2013-03-07)(Dominos)[Mobile].7z (11.19M created 2270h 14m 14s ago)
[Cooper]Angry Video Game Nerd II - ASSimilation (2016-03-29)(FreakZone Games)(Screenwave Media)[PC].7z (67.51M created 2196h 14m 31s ago)
[Cooper]Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling (2011)(Skunk Studios)[PC].7z (3.93M created 2133h 46m 42s ago)
The White Chamber (2005-03-31)(Studio Trophis)[PC].7z (30.96M created 2125h 50m 05s ago)
[Cooper]Varmintz Deluxe (2004-03-10)(Skunk Studios)[PC].7z (664.33K created 2125h 11m 50s ago)
Super Mario Party (2018-10-05)(Nd Cube)(Nintendo)[Switch].7z (378.51M created 2078h 52m 23s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Adventure 2 The Trial (2000-11-05)(Sonic Team USA)(Sega)[DC].7z (15.81M created 2012h 57m 19s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Adventure 2 (Preview)(2001-03-18)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[DC].7z (90.76M created 2011h 33m 27s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Adventure 2 Shop Trial (2001-03-01)(Sega)(Sonic Team USA)(Sega)[DC].7z (58M created 2011h 23m 46s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Adventure AutoDemo (1998-10-16)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[DC].7z (97.88M created 2010h 30m 21s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Heroes E3 Demo (2003)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[GC].7z (26.15M created 2009h 35m 15s ago)
[Morris]Sonic Rivals 2 Pre-Production (2007-10-22)(Backbone)(Sega)[PSP].7z (13.83M created 2006h 35m 11s ago)
[Cooper]Samurai Jack - Path of Destiny (Browser) (2001)(cartoonnetwork.com)[PC].7z (122.71K created 1944h 53m 29s ago)
[Cooper]AquaNox (2001-11-30)(Massive Development)(Ravensburger Interactive Media)[PC].7z (44.14M created 1944h 40m 18s ago)
[Cooper]AquaNox 2 - Revelation (2003-08-22)(Massive Development)(Encore Software, JoWooD Productions)[PC].7z (37.53M created 1944h 39m 09s ago)
[Cooper]Samurai Jack - Rave Slaves (Browser) (2003)(cartoonnetwork.com)[PC].7z (51.92K created 1941h 25m 09s ago)
[Cooper]Samurai Jack - Way of the Warrior (Browser) (2002)(cartoonnetwork.com)[PC].7z (74.65K created 1941h 22m 32s ago)
[Corak]Fox Ranger 3 - Last Revelation (1997-02-24)(Soft Action)(CD Utopia, Digital Wave Entertainment)[PC].7z (50.63M created 1934h 29m 49s ago)
[Pingu!]Disney's Read to Read With Pooh (1997-08-27)(Disney Interactive Studios)[PC].7z (8.69M created 1920h 27m 24s ago)
[MDHEXT]Toy Story 3 (2010-06-15)(n-Space)(Disney)[NDS].7z (10.56M created 1917h 36m 27s ago)
[grj1234]Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (2003-12-26)(Studio Ring)[PC].7z (436.32M created 1907h 25m 43s ago)
[grj1234]Cafe Little Wish (2003-02-14)(Patissier)(Digital Works)[PC].7z (48.14M created 1907h 10m 07s ago)
[grj1234]Magical Tale (2004-11-19)(Patissier)(Digital Works)[PC].7z (61.72M created 1906h 49m 05s ago)
[grj1234]Hokenshitsu - Magical Pure Lessons (2006-05-26)(BunBun)[PC].7z (109.66M created 1906h 27m 58s ago)
[Cooper]Swarm (Browser) (2001)(Ben Librojo)(javagameplay.com)[PC].7z (34.42K created 1896h 47m 20s ago)
[Cooper]Orbital Defense (Browser) (1999)(Ben Librojo)(javagameplay.com)[PC].7z (41.43K created 1896h 44m 07s ago)
[Tori]Animal Crossing - Amiibo Festival (2015-11-13)(Nintendo EPD, NDcube)(Nintendo)[Wii U].7z (153.18M created 1882h 30m 20s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Chex Quest HD (2020-05-18)(Team Chex Quest HD)(General Mills)[PC].7z (16.06M created 1832h 12m 56s ago)
[Basillica]Len'en 01 Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence (2013-11-18)(Trick Nostalgie)[PC].7z (54.79M created 1830h 03m 38s ago)
[Basillica]Len'en 02 Tasouken ~ Earthen Miraculous Sword (2013-11-18)(Trick Nostalgie)[PC].7z (56.57M created 1829h 38m 33s ago)
[Basillica]Len'en 03 Reiretsuden ~ Reactivate Majestical Imperial (2014-10-02)(Trick Nostalgie)[PC].7z (68.82M created 1829h 14m 35s ago)
[Basillica]Len'en 04 Ten'eisenki ~ Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle (2016-12-01)(Trick Nostalgie)[PC].7z (413.7M created 1819h 08m 28s ago)
[Pingu!]Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO [Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO - Millionaire Fighting 2001] (2002-07-04)(Capcom Production Studio 1)(Capcom)[GC] (rr).7z (135.95M created 1808h 49m 20s ago)
[Cooper]Factorio (v 0.18.25) (2020-05-19)(Wube Software LTD.)[PC].7z (77.57M created 1752h 20m 05s ago)
[grj1234]Himekoi Sucreine (2016-12-22)(Princess Sugar)(S-Digital)[PC].7z (38.69M created 1689h 26m 18s ago)
[Slender]5 Realms of Cards (2007)(Sugar Games)[PC].7z (1.5M created 1684h 07m 51s ago)
[Cooper]The Signal From Tolva (2017-04-10)(Big Robot Ltd.)[PC].7z (40.12M created 1617h 03m 13s ago)
[Cooper]Old Man's Journey (2017-05-17)(Broken Rules)[PC].7z (133.04M created 1617h 01m 05s ago)
[Cooper]Tales from Candlekeep - Tomb of Annihalation (2017-10-11)(BKOM Studios][PC].7z (27.4M created 1616h 59m 30s ago)
[Cooper]Port Royale 3 - Pirates & Merchants (2012-05-04)(Gaming Minds Studios)(Kalypso Media Digital)[PC].7z (109.85M created 1616h 57m 48s ago)
[Cooper]Enemy Front (2014-06-10)(Ci Games)[PC].7z (59.38M created 1616h 51m 28s ago)
[Cooper]Port Royale - Gold, Power and Pirates (2002)(Ascaron Entertainment)(Tri-Synergy)[PC].7z (84.12M created 1616h 25m 17s ago)
[Cooper]Port Royale 2 (2004-09-10)(Ascaron Entertainment)(Tri-Synergy, Take-Two Interactive)[PC].7z (90.34M created 1616h 22m 48s ago)
James Pond - Codename Robocod (2005-12-08)(Vectordean)(Creature Labs)(Play It!)[NCSF].7z (105.66K created 1599h 41m 24s ago)
Toshinden [War Budokai] (2009-12-10)(DreamFactory)(Takara Tomy)[Wii].7z (104.73M created 1586h 38m 33s ago)
Euro Demo 29 [Official UK PlayStation Magazine CD 12 Vol. 2] (1998) (SCE Europe) [PS1] [rerip].7z (11.78M created 1540h 21m 40s ago)
[AceK]Test Drive 5 (1998-09-30)(Pitbull Syndicate, The)(Accolade)[PS1].7z (134.73M created 1537h 39m 28s ago)
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion - HD Renovation (2017-03-01)(Albino Moose Games)[PC](upd).7z (62.41M created 1493h 01m 51s ago)
Metropolis Street Racer Prototype (10-11-1999) (Bizarre Creations) (Sega) [DC] By Social Enigma.7z (247.28M created 1471h 03m 51s ago)
[OzoneOne]Gish (2004-05-10)(Cryptic Sea)(Chronic Logic)[PC].7z (14.3M created 1461h 33m 49s ago)
Dream Girlfriend [Nijiiro Kanojo 2d] (2015-02-24)(Ambition)[Android].7z (11.23M created 1449h 34m 42s ago)
Centipede - Infestation (2011-10-25)(WayForward)(Atari)[Wii].7z (472.48M created 1432h 47m 03s ago)
[Nicknine]Call of Duty 2 (2005-11-22)(Infinity Ward)(Activision)[X360].7z (177.88M created 1431h 50m 42s ago)
LBX - Little Battlers eXperience (Danball Senki Baku Boost) (2012-07-05) (Level 5) (Nintendo).7z (891.58M created 1429h 11m 39s ago)
Heavy Gear II (1999-06-18)(Activision)[PC].7z (62.12M created 1427h 36m 51s ago)
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary (2011-12-15)(-)(Sega)[Wii].7z (196.56M created 1426h 53m 51s ago)
[Cooper]Home Sheep Home - Farmageddon Party Edition (2019-10-18)(Mobile Pie)(Aardman Animations)[PC].7z (19.9M created 1423h 42m 43s ago)
[Nicknine]Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone [Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone] (2001-11-15)(KnowWonder)(Electronic Arts)[PC][rr].7z (36.77M created 1398h 34m 10s ago)
[nilk]Hotel Mario (1994-04-05)(Philips Fantasy Factory)(Philips Interactive Media)[CD-i].7z (70.34M created 1382h 06m 49s ago)
Puyo Puyo 7 (2009-11-26)(h.a.n.d.)(Sega)[Wii].7z (133.44M created 1357h 54m 08s ago)
Super Hero Generation (2014-10-23)(Tom Create)(Bandai Namco)[PS3].7z (489.76M created 1338h 43m 39s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Hunted - The Demon's Forge (2011-05-31)(InXile)(Bethesda Softworks)[X360][rr].7z (266.57M created 1314h 45m 03s ago)
[hcs]Glover (1998-10-31)(Interactive Studios)(Hasbro)[N64].7z (1.18M created 1308h 02m 47s ago)
[hcs]Zool - Majuu Tsukai Densetsu (1999-06-11)(Pandora Box)(Imagineer)[N64].7z (1.16M created 1306h 42m 26s ago)
[Cooper, Pingu!]Samurai Jack - The Shadow of Aku (2004-03-23)(Adrenium Games)(SEGA)[GC].7z (114.28M created 1248h 58m 15s ago)
[Pingu!]Luxor Solitaire (2019-03-06)(Lazy Turtle Games)(HH-Games)[PC].7z (9.46M created 1248h 27m 34s ago)
[Nisto]Gundam Battle Assault 2 (2002-07-17)(Natsume)(Bandai)[PS1].7z (70.66M created 1241h 05m 18s ago)
[Pingu!]Avatar - The Path of Zuko (2008-10-02)(SMERC Design, Inc.)(Nickelodeon)[PC].7z (5.03M created 1227h 43m 14s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Rent A Hero No. 1 (2003-09-04)(Aspect, Algo‑Nicus)(Sega)[XBOX].7z (1.35G created 1219h 37m 24s ago)
[Pingu!]Gutterball 2 (2004-11-04)(Skunk Studios)(Gamehouse)[PC].7z (5.88M created 1203h 02m 16s ago)
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (2008-10-16)(MiCROViSiON)(NAMCO BANDAI Games)[PC] (Habanero).7z (149.39M created 1194h 56m 13s ago)
[NoWool]Xenogears (1998-02-11)(Square)[PS1].7z (34.28M created 1189h 53m 31s ago)
[Cooper]SimCopter (1996-11-20)(Maxis)[PC][rr].7z (57.77M created 1123h 37m 04s ago)
[Cooper]Obduction (2016-08-23)(Cyan Worlds)[PC].7z (48.67M created 1114h 04m 07s ago)
[Nicknine]Asphalt 9 - Legends (2018-02-26)(Gameloft Barcelona)(Gameloft)[iOS][rr].7z (142.64M created 1113h 13m 21s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Hakoniwa Explorer Plus (2020-06-18)(suxamethonium)(PLAYISM)[Switch].7z (61.43M created 1104h 44m 43s ago)
[Cooper]Fable II - Game of the Year Edition (2009-09-10)(Lionhead)(Microsoft)[X360].7z (380.89M created 1066h 07m 31s ago)
[Nisto]Gear Fighter Dendoh (2001-04-26)(Natsume)(Sunrise)(Bandai)[PS1].7z (6.78M created 1058h 10m 23s ago)
Coming Home (on your birthday) (2020-06-21)(Jesse Zhang)[PC].7z (117.81M created 1057h 06m 53s ago)
[Cooper]Sky Rogue (2015-07-30)(Fractal Phase)[PC][rr].7z (112.78M created 1056h 37m 41s ago)
[Nicknine]Asphalt 6 - Adrenaline (2010-12-21)(Gameloft Barcelona)(Gameloft)[iOS].7z (56.15M created 1044h 27m 00s ago)
[Gameboi64]Burnout 2 - Point Of Impact (2002-09-30)(Criterion Games)(Acclaim)[PS2].7z (668.35M created 1042h 52m 13s ago)
[Cooper]Tonight We Riot (2020-05-08)(Means Interactive)[PC].7z (55.27M created 1040h 42m 35s ago)
[Cooper]Gladiabots (2016-04-20)(GFX47)[PC].7z (14.96M created 1040h 21m 06s ago)
[Gameboi64]Street Fighter Zero 3 (1999-08-06)(Capcom)[SAT][re-rip].7z (368.98M created 1039h 33m 31s ago)
[AceK]Dino Crisis (1999-07-01)(Capcom Production Studio 4)(Capcom)[PS1].7z (164.92M created 1030h 40m 27s ago)
[Cooper]Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (2016-09-16)(tinyBuild Games)[PC].7z (25.51M created 1022h 31m 05s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Robots (2005-02-22)(Eurocom)(Sierra)[Xbox].7z (205.81M created 1011h 55m 13s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Flushed Away (2006-10-24)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[GC].7z (31.22M created 1011h 53m 13s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Meet the Robinsons (2007-03-27)(Avalanche Software)(Disney Interactive Studios)[PC].7z (104.02M created 1011h 50m 43s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Chicken Little Ace in Action (2006-12-05)(Avalanche Software)(Disney Interactive Studios)[Wii].7z (222.91M created 1011h 45m 16s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Dreamworks Super Star Kartz (2011-11-15)(High Impact Games)(Activision)[PS3].7z (304.66M created 1011h 39m 11s ago)
[JackTheRipper]SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The (2004-10-27)(Heavy Iron Studios)(THQ)[GC].7z (125.44M created 1011h 35m 30s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Spongebob Truth or Square (2009-10-27)(Heavy Iron Studios)(THQ)[X360].7z (166.67M created 1011h 29m 54s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (2005-08-30)(Digital Eclipse)(Namco)[GC].7z (50.33M created 1011h 28m 28s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (2006-12-05)(Eurocom)(Sierra)[Wii].7z (280.03M created 1011h 22m 01s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Chicken Little Ace in Action (2007-06-28)(Avalanche Software)(Disney Interactive Studios)[PC].7z (91.72M created 1011h 18m 32s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Despicable Me The Game (2010-07-06)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[Wii].7z (53.51M created 1011h 05m 06s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Ben 10 Alien Force (2008-10-28)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[Wii].7z (92.43M created 1011h 03m 09s ago)
[JackTheRipper]SEGA Genesis Collection (2006-11-16)(Digital Eclipse)(SEGA)[PS2].7z (157.36M created 1010h 59m 05s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Madagascar Kartz (2009-10-27)(Sidhe)(Activision)[Wii].7z (159.9M created 1010h 47m 52s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Madagascar Kartz (2009-10-27)(Sidhe)(Activision)[X360].7z (91.82M created 1010h 44m 06s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Adventure Time - Finn & Jake Investigations (2015-10-20)(Vicious Cycle)(Little Orbit)[PS4].7z (52.29M created 1010h 40m 59s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Turbo Super Stunt Squad (2013-07-16)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[PS3].7z (21.19M created 1010h 39m 55s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Ben 10 Omniverse (2012-11-13)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[PS3].7z (16.51M created 1010h 37m 27s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Ben 10 Omniverse (2012-11-13)(Monkey Bar Games)(D3 Publisher)[Wii].7z (29.99M created 1010h 32m 38s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (2013-11-05)(High Voltage Software)(D3 Publisher)[PS3].7z (25.28M created 1010h 28m 27s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Rugrats Royal Ransom (2002-11-26)(Avalanche Software)(THQ)[PS2].7z (252.55M created 1010h 22m 52s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Megamind Ultimate Showdown (2010-11-02)(THQ Studio Australia)(THQ)[PS3].7z (110.77M created 1010h 20m 43s ago)
[JackTheRipper]Futurama (2003-08-01)(UDS)(Sierra)[Xbox].7z (228.27M created 1010h 16m 19s ago)
[Cooper]Catlateral Damage (2015-09-14)(Manekoware)[PC].7z (26.73M created 1005h 32m 11s ago)
[Cooper]Milkmaid of the Milky Way (2018-04-15)(machineboy)[PC].7z (65.24M created 1005h 29m 24s ago)
[Cooper]Walden (2017-02-22)(Game Innovation Lab)[PC].7z (132.31M created 1004h 28m 37s ago)
[Cooper]SCP Secret Laboratory (2017-12-29)(Northwood Studios)[PC].7z (125.81M created 1004h 03m 21s ago)
[Cooper]IMMURE (v1.0.2) (2018-09-11)(Wither Studios)[PC].7z (64.01M created 1003h 35m 51s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Tetris (1992)(Philips POV)(Philips Interactive Media)[CD-i][rr].7z (89.31M created 1001h 28m 21s ago)
[Cooper]Orion Trail (2015-08-12)(Schell Games)[PC].7z (41.07M created 997h 45m 56s ago)
[Cooper]Flash Point - Fire Rescue (2017-05-30)(RetroEpic Software)[PC].7z (53.85M created 995h 46m 43s ago)
[Cooper]Empyrean Frontier (2016-06-20)(GaldorStudios)[PC].7z (45.72M created 993h 13m 14s ago)
[Tori]The Jackbox Party Pack 6 (2019-10-16)(Jackbox Games, Inc )(Jackbox Games, Inc)[PC].7z (105.69M created 993h 13m 11s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Jewels of Cleopatra (2007-01-31)(Encore)[PC].7z (1.45M created 993h 00m 07s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Jewel Quest 2 (2006-12-21)(iWin)(Activision)[PC].7z (2.99M created 992h 59m 49s ago)
[dusty_dust]SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated (2020-06-23)(Purple Lamp Studios)(THQ Nordic)[PC] .7z (100.53M created 992h 20m 49s ago)
[Cooper]Project Kat (2020-03-14)(Leef 6010)[PC].7z (16.54M created 991h 19m 56s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Dicey Dungeons (2019-08-13)(Terry Cavanagh)[PC].7z (87.31M created 972h 41m 49s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Sparkle Snapshots 3D (2012-10-18)(Atlus)(Nintendo)[3DS].7z (16.16M created 969h 51m 36s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Rising Board 3D (2012-09-20)(odenis)[3DS].7z (42.75M created 969h 16m 56s ago)
[LukeWarnut]European Conqueror 3D (2014-06-19)(CIRCLE)[3DS].7z (17.63M created 969h 10m 13s ago)
[LukeWarnut]MindFeud (2014-12-04)(Engine)[3DS].7z (4.52M created 968h 49m 23s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Comic Workshop (2014-07-17)(Collavier)[3DS].7z (60.94M created 968h 41m 14s ago)
[LukeWarnut]PIX3D (2012-12-20)(Gamelion)[3DS].7z (6.23M created 968h 39m 20s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Angry Bunnies (2013-10-31)(Cypronia)[3DS].7z (5.08M created 968h 31m 50s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Parking Star 3D (2014-05-07)(Circle)[3DS].7z (7.72M created 968h 25m 43s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot (2013-12-26)(CoderChild)[3DS].7z (15.1M created 968h 20m 44s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Mega Man Legends [Rockman DASH - Hagane no Boukenshi] (1997-12-18)(Capcom Production Studio 2)(Capcom)[PS1].7z (57.01M created 965h 45m 09s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken] (1999-10-14)(Capcom Production Studio 1)(Capcom)[PS1][rr].7z (295.03M created 964h 15m 47s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Panzer Bandit (Demo) (1997-08)(Fill-in-Cafe)(Banpresto)[PS1].7z (8.32M created 961h 03m 25s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Panzer Bandit (1997-08-07)(Fill-in-Cafe)(Banpresto)[PS1][rr].7z (48.13M created 960h 56m 32s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Eternal Champions - Challenge from the Dark Side (1995-05)(Sega interActive)(Deep Water)[SCD].7z (188.94M created 960h 26m 53s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Crash Bash [Crash Bandicoot Carnival] (2000-11-06)(Eurocom)(SCE America)[PS1][rr].7z (3.45M created 960h 20m 58s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Psychic Force Complete (2005-12-29)(Taito)[PS2].7z (730.08M created 959h 45m 12s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Proun+ (2015-03-05)(Engine)[3DS].7z (32.67M created 947h 49m 44s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Pong Pong Candy (2015-02-13)(LIONant)[3DS].7z (3.67M created 947h 43m 36s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Samurai Defender (2015-05-21)(Link Kit)(Circle)[3DS].7z (9.63M created 947h 34m 56s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Monster Shooter (2012-11-15)(Gamelion)[3DS].7z (17.07M created 947h 10m 26s ago)
[LukeWarnut]3D Solitaire (2012-08-02)(Zen)[3DS].7z (7.54M created 946h 48m 14s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Art of Balance TOUCH! (2012-06-06)(Shin'en)[3DS].7z (30.05M created 946h 19m 12s ago)
Resident Evil - Deadly Silence [Biohazard - Deadly Silence](2006-01-19)(Capcom)[NDS] [NCSF].7z (23.06M created 925h 09m 11s ago)
[Cooper]Ion Assault [XBLA](2009-09-23)(Coreplay)(Black Inc.)[X360].7z (11.88M created 895h 44m 10s ago)
SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated (2020-06-23)(Purple Lamp Studios)(THQ Nordic)[PC].7z (141.01M created 892h 44m 41s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Legendary (2008-10-24)(Spark Unlimited)(Gamecock Media Group)[X360][rr].7z (225.43M created 850h 40m 33s ago)
Baldi's Basics Plus (v0.1.2) (2020-06-11)(Basically Games)[PC].7z (5.05M created 827h 32m 53s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Poopdie - Chapter One (2020-06-25)(Bulbware)[Switch].7z (11.08M created 827h 09m 45s ago)
[LukeWarnut]PewDiePie - Legend of the Brofist (2015-09-24)(Outerminds)[Android].7z (33.35M created 826h 55m 06s ago)
[LukeWarnut]A Summer with the Shiba Inu (2020-06-26)(Quill)(Ratalaika)[Switch].7z (106.07M created 826h 05m 30s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (2015-04-02)(ScrewAttack)(FreakZone)[Wii U].7z (21.98M created 826h 00m 58s ago)
[FCandChill]Einhänder (1997-11-20)(Square)[PS1].7z (239.14M created 823h 58m 27s ago)
Kurtzpel (2019-04-30)(KOG)[PC].7z (111.66M created 822h 20m 11s ago)
[SleepyJames32x]Fullmetal Alchemist - Dream Carnival (2004-08-26)(Eighting)(Bandai)[PS2].7z (124.61M created 811h 00m 38s ago)
[dusty_dust]Toy Story (1995)(Traveller's Tales)(Disney)[SMD].7z (2.75M created 804h 14m 35s ago)
[threeblacknoises]Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure [Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime] (1998-17-12)(Nippon Ichi Software)[PS1].7z (133.21M created 803h 39m 49s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Yes, Your Grace (2020-06-26)(Brave At Night)(No More Robots)[Switch].7z (95.44M created 793h 23m 49s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Rocket League (2017-11-14)(Psyonix)[Switch].7z (115.65M created 793h 00m 08s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Axiom Verge (2017-10-05)(Thomas Happ)[Switch].7z (91.75M created 792h 38m 59s ago)
[Cooper]Very Little Nightmares (2020-01-31)(ALIKE Studios)(Bandai Namco)[iOS].7z (46.46M created 792h 30m 23s ago)
[Cooper]Dota Underlords (2020-02-25)(Valve)[iOS].7z (9.44M created 766h 44m 23s ago)
[Cooper]The Elder Scrolls - Blades (v. 1.6.3) (2020-02-12)(Bethesda Softworks)[iOS].7z (54.4M created 757h 27m 54s ago)
The Da Vinci Code (2006-05-19)(The Collective)(2K Games)[PC].7z (54.61M created 705h 49m 19s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-10-03)(Traveller's Tales)(Activision)[DC].7z (163.94M created 702h 15m 30s ago)
Animorphs - Shattered Reality (2000-09-06)(SingleTrac)(Infogrames)[PS1].7z (123.95M created 679h 05m 42s ago)
Ico (2001-09-24)(SCE Japan)(SCE America)[PS2][rr].7z (109.47M created 679h 03m 15s ago)
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (2007-09-13)(Square Enix)[PSP][rr].7z (112.74M created 679h 00m 19s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Fruit Ninja VR (2016-12-20)(Halfbrick)[PS4].7z (6.38M created 678h 30m 09s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Rick and Morty - Virtual Rick-ality (2017-04-20)(Other Ocean, Owlchemy Labs)(Adult Swim Games)[PS4].7z (11.57M created 678h 05m 22s ago)
[SuperStarGuy]Counter-Strike - Global Offensive (2012-08-22)(Valve-Hidden Path Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (322M created 672h 18m 00s ago)
PC-FX BIOS (1994-12-23) (Hudson) (NEC) [PC-FX].7z (35.44K created 662h 28m 51s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Splinter Cell - Conviction (2010-04-13)(Ubisoft Montreal)(Ubisoft)[X360][rr].7z (1.43G created 662h 11m 58s ago)
[Puterboy1]Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2003-12-09)(Warthog PLC)(Electronic Arts)[Xbox][rr].7z (216.93M created 607h 34m 28s ago)
Hogs of War (2000-06-08) (Infogrames Sheffield House) (Infogrames) [PS1] [rerip].7z (33.38M created 607h 30m 44s ago)
[Cooper]Deep Rock Galactic (2020-05-13)(Ghost Ship Games)(Coffee Stain Publishing)[PC].7z (163.6M created 607h 08m 21s ago)
[Cooper]Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - Episode 3 - Muzzled! [XBLA](2009-11-04)(Telltale Games)[X360].7z (39.9M created 607h 07m 55s ago)
[Cooper]Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - Episode 1 - Fright of the Bumblebees [XBLA](2009-05-27)(Telltale Games)[X360].7z (37.22M created 607h 07m 47s ago)
[Cooper]Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - Episode 2 - The Last Resort [XBLA](2009-11-04)(Telltale Games)[X360].7z (41.58M created 607h 07m 39s ago)
[Cooper]Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - Episode 4 - The Bogey Man [XBLA](2009-11-04)(Telltale Games)[X360].7z (47.5M created 607h 07m 34s ago)
[1337haXXor]Soda Dungeon 2 (2020-07-09)(AN Production)(Armor Games)[PC].7z (135.78M created 591h 19m 03s ago)
[marcusss]Black Future '88 (2019-11-21)(SUPERSCARYSNAKES)(Good Shepherd)[PC].7z (278.29M created 567h 26m 36s ago)
[marcusss]TAISHO x ALICE episode 1 (2019-11-28)(Primula)(pencil)[PC].7z (77.65M created 567h 06m 18s ago)
[marcusss]EarthNight (2019-12-03)(Cleaversoft)[PC].7z (134.07M created 566h 45m 54s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Fantavision (2000-10-26)(Sony Computer Entertainment)(SCEA)[PS2].7z (484.79M created 562h 17m 44s ago)
[Cooper]Stardrop (2019-02-14)(Joure)[PC].7z (70.11M created 559h 30m 43s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - Secrets Can Kill (1998-11-05)(Her)(DreamCatcher)[PC].7z (12.63M created 558h 26m 49s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - Stay Tuned for Danger (1999-11-13)(Her)(DreamCatcher)[PC]7z.7z (5.95M created 558h 26m 21s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - Treasure in the Royal Tower (2001-08-01)(Her)(DreamCatcher)[PC].7z (6.28M created 558h 21m 20s ago)
[Cooper]Long Gone Days (2018-03-28)(Camila Gormaz)[PC].7z (287.85M created 553h 47m 32s ago)
[1337haXXor]Starfighter Sanvein [SuperLite 1500 Series - Sanvein] (2000-03-30)(Success)[PS1][rr].7z (50.1M created 544h 07m 48s ago)
[marcusss]Terminator - Resistance (2019-11-15)(Teyon)(Reef Entertainment)[PC].7z (59.47M created 543h 56m 55s ago)
[marcusss]Phoenix Point (2019-12-03)(Snapshot Games)[PC].7z (1.93G created 518h 28m 35s ago)
[Puterboy1]Case Closed - The Mirapolis Investigation (2007-05-17)(Marvelous Entertainment Inc.)(Sega)[Wii].7z (25M created 515h 18m 05s ago)
[Puterboy1]Britannic - Patroness of the Mediterranean (2020-06-19)(Vintage Digital Revival LLC)[PC].7z (22.96M created 514h 59m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Rift Racoon (2019-11-02)(Marcos Game Dev)[PC].7z (30.54M created 507h 56m 36s ago)
[marcusss]Hazardous Space (2018-04-30)(Coffee Cat Games)(Black Tower Entertainment)[PC].7z (28.41M created 507h 44m 23s ago)
[marcusss]Bibi Blocksberg - Big Broom Race 3 (2018-11-19)(Independent Arts)(familyplay)[PC].7z (44.86M created 507h 21m 00s ago)
[marcusss]Nux (2006-12-26)(Idigicon)(KPL)[PC].7z (25.64M created 505h 38m 56s ago)
[marcusss]Olympia Rising (2015-07-23)(Paleozoic)[PC].7z (16.06M created 504h 37m 33s ago)
[marcusss]Mad Age & This Guy (2017-10-24)(Atomic Wolf)[PC].7z (11.5M created 504h 31m 24s ago)
[marcusss]AIRA VR (2019-01-31)(racoonbytes)[PC].7z (115.15M created 504h 14m 02s ago)
[marcusss]Elden - Path of the Forgotten (2020-07-09)(Onerat)(Another Indie)[PC].7z (281.83M created 503h 54m 50s ago)
[Cooper]A Short Hike (2019-07-30)(adamgryu)[PC].7z (145.47M created 480h 17m 29s ago)
[Cooper]Quiet as a Stone (2018-01-22)(Distant Lantern, Richard Whitelock)[PC].7z (10.09M created 480h 01m 00s ago)
[marcusss]Fluffy Horde (2018-11-07)(Turtle Juice)[PC].7z (32.95M created 471h 48m 31s ago)
[marcusss]Bacterium (2018-12-12)(Dragon Whisper Game)(Zodiac Interactive)[PC].7z (189.96M created 471h 44m 27s ago)
[marcusss]Burning Knight (2020-06-06)(Rexcellent Games)[PC].7z (67.63M created 471h 17m 26s ago)
[marcusss]Phantom Thief Celianna (2018-11-16)(Acerola)(Kagura Games)[PC].7z (22.35M created 470h 16m 23s ago)
[marcusss]SINNER - Sacrifice for Redemption (2018-10-23)(DARK STAR)(Another Indie)[PC].7z (142.84M created 460h 38m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Vidar (2017-06-15)(Razbury Games)[PC].7z (27.82M created 459h 18m 13s ago)
[marcusss]MoonQuest (2020-02-26)(Wizard Mode)[PC].7z (80.78M created 456h 17m 32s ago)
[marcusss]Blood of the Werewolf (2014-05-09)(Scientifically Proven)(Ziggurat)[PC].7z (180.13M created 448h 04m 22s ago)
Puyo Puyo Sun - Ketteiban (1997-11-27)(Compile)[PS1][updated].7z (117.79M created 443h 18m 42s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Lazr Demo (2020-01-11)(Garrick Campsey)[PC].7z (65.64M created 436h 43m 39s ago)
[Cooper]Overland (2016-06-13)(Finji, Heather Penn, Adam Saltsman)[PC].7z (256.47M created 436h 41m 11s ago)
[marcusss]Artifact (2018-11-28)(Valve)[PC].7z (58.95M created 433h 31m 16s ago)
Madou Monogatari (1998-07-23)(Compile)(Sega)[SAT].7z (69.56M created 431h 48m 58s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Wimmelbild-Creator (1-1-2004)(Rondomedia)[DSi].7z (2.4M created 422h 49m 30s ago)
[LukeWarnut]System - Flaw (2009-10-27)(Visual Impact)(Storm City)[DSi].7z (269.68K created 422h 41m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Timeless Paradox VR (2020-03-03)(John Jiang)(FlamingExperienceVR)[PC].7z (86.92M created 422h 34m 32s ago)
[marcusss]iZBOT (2015-09-01)(Daniel Spruce)(Ruxar)[PC].7z (5.54M created 422h 05m 37s ago)
[marcusss]Tiny Bubbles (2018-05-08)(Pine Street Codeworks)[PC].7z (35.79M created 421h 37m 06s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - The Final Scene (2001-09-16)(Her)(DreamCatcher)[PC][rr].7z (6.34M created 412h 17m 51s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island (2003-10-03)(Her)[PC].7z (5.66M created 393h 27m 58s ago)
Pic-A-Pix Classic (2019-02-26)(Lightwood)[Vita].7z (21.94M created 393h 10m 36s ago)
[Cooper]Arctic Thunder (2001-11-15)(Midway Chicago, Inland Productions)(Midway)[Xbox][rr].7z (264.76M created 383h 45m 21s ago)
Van Helsing Sniper Zx100 [Vampire Sniper] (2014-06-12) (EnjoyUp Games) [3DS].7z (21.38M created 364h 26m 55s ago)
[marcusss]Lost Castle  (v1.9.4)(2016-09-01)(Hunter Studio)[PC].7z (96.08M created 352h 01m 21s ago)
[marcusss]Tarim Guardians (2017-10-27)(Dosane Games)(Akim Games)[PC].7z (87.51M created 351h 40m 41s ago)
[marcusss]Mechstermination Force (2020-05-24)(Horberg Productions)(Flyhigh Works)[PC].7z (69.65M created 350h 08m 19s ago)
[marcusss]Gift of Parthax (2018-09-13)(Foldergeist Studios)(1C)[PC].7z (57.62M created 349h 56m 12s ago)
[marcusss]Ankh 2 - Heart of Osiris (2006-10-30)(Deck13)[PC].7z (37.95M created 339h 37m 26s ago)
[marcusss]Ankh 3 - Battle of the Gods (2009-06-17)(Deck 13)(Strategy First)[PC].7z (22.09M created 339h 16m 10s ago)
[marcusss]Verlet Swing (2018-09-19)(Flamebait Games)[PC].7z (241.88M created 336h 49m 36s ago)
[Cooper]Gunman Chronicles (2000-11-19)(Rewolf Software)(Sierra)[PC].7z (82.2M created 335h 49m 48s ago)
[marcusss]Evening Star (2018-09-14)(Lucid Dreaming)[PC].7z (14.23M created 327h 49m 27s ago)
[marcusss]Sure Footing (2018-03-30)(Table Flip Games)[PC].7z (220.2M created 326h 43m 17s ago)
[marcusss]Digital Resistance (2018-09-07)(Dagestan Technology)[PC].7z (16.61M created 326h 27m 15s ago)
[marcusss]Hero Siege (2014-01-29)(Elias Viglione, Jussi Kukkonen)(Panic Art Studios)[PC].7z (81.36M created 279h 13m 21s ago)
[Cooper]Void Bastards (2019-05-28)(Blue Manchu)(Humble Games)[PC].7z (81.74M created 275h 07m 39s ago)
[Nicknine]Kingdom Hearts II (2005-12-22)(Square Enix)[PS2][rr].7z (103.48M created 273h 02m 12s ago)
[marcusss]Echoes III (2018-09-05)(Binary Zoo)[PC].7z (45.76M created 263h 47m 11s ago)
[marcusss]Fairyland - The Guild (2018-09-07)(Naarassusi Game)[PC].7z (47.11M created 263h 39m 45s ago)
[marcusss]Blood City (2018-08-30)(WJLEGAME)[PC].7z (23.19M created 263h 27m 38s ago)
[marcusss]Panzer Paladin (2020-07-21)(Tribute Games)[PC].7z (64.65M created 255h 30m 36s ago)
[marcusss]Shieldmaden (2020-03-13)(Dumativa Game Studio)[PC].7z (32.87M created 255h 17m 36s ago)
[Cooper]Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi (2003-10-21)(Idol FX)(iGames, Mindscape)[PC].7z (37.95M created 252h 12m 49s ago)
[Cooper]Hot Wheels - Track Mod [Acceleracers - Track Mod] (Browser) (2005){hotwheels.com)[PC].7z (106.76K created 250h 30m 45s ago)
[Cooper]Lords of Everquest (2003-12-01)(Rapid Eye Entertainment)(Sony Online Entertainment, Ubisoft)[PC].7z (153.88M created 248h 56m 01s ago)
[bnnm]God Eater Resonant Ops (2018-04-04)(Bandai Namco)[Mobile].7z (235.75M created 248h 38m 46s ago)
[grj1234]Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina [Shoujo Dominance - Dokusenyoku no Tsuyosugiru Manamusume Reina] (2020-07-22)(monoceros+)[PC].7z (12.63M created 232h 18m 17s ago)
[grj1234]Annabel Maid Garden (2020-06-26)(Barista Lab)[PC].7z (14.59M created 231h 59m 21s ago)
[grj1234]Yuki no Yoru, Ore wa Imouto o Hadaka ni Suru. (2019-07-26)(Hamham Soft)[PC].7z (178.84M created 231h 16m 07s ago)
[grj1234]Imouto o Kegashita Kioku (2018-02-23)(Hamham Soft)[PC].7z (99.28M created 230h 54m 13s ago)
[grj1234]Mousou Speaker - H na Mousou ga Kikoete Kuru yo (2019-09-27)(SATOR)[PC].7z (38.96M created 230h 25m 49s ago)
[grj1234]Ayumi-chan Monogatari (PC-98)(1993-09-15)(Alice Soft).7z (24.81K created 229h 57m 52s ago)
[grj1234]Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jissha ban (PC-98)(1995-01-12)(Alice Soft)(Core Magazine).7z (25.87K created 229h 16m 46s ago)
[grj1234]Amairo Chocolata (2020-01-31)(Cabbage Soft)[PC].7z (25.82M created 228h 23m 50s ago)
[grj1234]Nekotsuku, Sakura. (2020-06-26)(Lump of Sugar)[PC].7z (53.88M created 227h 40m 55s ago)
[grj1234]Wakaba-iro no Quartet (2019-08-30)(Lump of Sugar)[PC].7z (115.44M created 227h 13m 57s ago)
[grj1234]Kami-sama no You na Kimi e (2020-03-27)(CUBE)[PC].7z (45.52M created 227h 05m 24s ago)
[Corak]Fox Junction (1998-04-29)(Trips)[PS1].7Z (655.19M created 224h 12m 27s ago)
[Gameboi64]Puyo Puyo for Windows (1995-05-28)(Quest, Compile)(Bothtec)[PC].7z (14.69K created 214h 53m 01s ago)
[Gameboi64]Puyo Puyo Tsuu for Windows (1995-11)(Compile)[PC].7z (37.54K created 214h 52m 51s ago)
[Gameboi64]Puyo Puyo Sun Ketteiban (1997-11-27)(Compile)[PS1][rr].7z (121.5M created 214h 36m 51s ago)
[Gameboi64]Twinkle Star Sprites (1997-12-18)(ADK)(SNK)[SAT][rr].7z (421.9M created 213h 50m 29s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]ToeJam & Earl III - Mission to Earth (JVP, Visual Concepts)(SEGA)[DC].7z (30.46M created 209h 47m 02s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]ToeJam & Earl III - Mission to Earth (2002-10-22)(JVP, Visual Concepts)(SEGA)[XBOX].7z (154.1M created 209h 41m 50s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Godai - Elemental Force (2002-01-21)(The 3DO Company)[PS2].7z (129.34M created 209h 21m 31s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Crash Nitro Kart (2003-11-11)(Vicarious Visions)(Universal Interactive)[XBOX].7z (79.49M created 209h 13m 34s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Pac-Attack (1995)(Animation Magic)(Philips Interactive Media)[CD-i].7z (7.86M created 208h 52m 52s ago)
[Cooper]Chasm - The Rift (1997-09-30)(Action Forms)(GT Interactive, Wizardworks)[PC].7z (169.39M created 206h 30m 38s ago)
[Puterboy1]Last Express, The (1997-03-30)(Smoking Car Productions)(Broderbund)[PC].7z (20.58M created 206h 19m 21s ago)
[Puterboy1]Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (1999-10-31)(Hotgen)(LucasArts)[PC].7z (43.38M created 206h 18m 21s ago)
[grj1234]Smile Shooter - First Ticket (2011-01-14)(Kuroneko-san Team)(Kogado Studio)[PC].7z (25.65M created 204h 45m 07s ago)
[Gameboi64]Puyo Puyo (1994-03-18)(Compile)(CRI)[FMT].7z (194.75M created 202h 12m 46s ago)
[bnnm]Dragon Quest Walk (2019-09-12)(COLOPL)(Square Enix)[Mobile].7z (50.21M created 200h 41m 40s ago)
Watch Dogs (2014-05-27)(Ubisoft Montreal)(Ubisoft)[PC].7z (1.39G created 190h 36m 34s ago)
Shadow Warrior 2 (2016-13-10)(Flying Wild Hog)(Devolver Digital)[PC].7z (250.25M created 190h 34m 51s ago)
Juju (2014-12-10)(Flying Wild Hog)[X360].7z (112.01M created 189h 12m 33s ago)
[grj1234]Mr. Driller 2 (2002-03-29)(Namco)(NEC Interchannel)[PC].7z (175.76M created 182h 30m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Curse of Kubel, The (2020-07-24)(Yasagure Kitsuenjyo)(Kagura Games)[PC].7z (84.77M created 111h 57m 54s ago)
[marcusss]WE ARE DOOMED (2015-04-22)(Vertex Pop)[PC].7z (29.91M created 111h 41m 19s ago)
[marcusss]Jets'n'Guns 2 (2020-07-24)(Rake in Grass)[PC]  [upd].7z (54.82M created 111h 30m 36s ago)
[marcusss]Necrobarista (2020-07-22)(Route 59)(Coconut Island Games)[PC].7z (246.77M created 110h 48m 57s ago)
[marcusss]Riders 2491 (2020-07-25)(GoeX Games)[PC].7z (50.59M created 110h 41m 14s ago)
[Dr18]NES Classic Edition (2016-11-10)(Nintendo)[NES].7z (3.64M created 95h 48m 05s ago)
[marcusss]Legend - Hand of God (2007-10-12)(Master Creating)(dtp entertainment)[PC].7z (126.8M created 87h 10m 57s ago)
[marcusss]King's Bird, The (2018-08-24)(Serenity Forge)(Graffiti Games)[PC].7z (164.48M created 86h 57m 02s ago)
[marcusss]Drunk-Fu - Wasted Masters (2018-08-17)(Rusto)[PC].7z (161.11M created 86h 22m 17s ago)
[marcusss]Antisphere (2017-07-14)(Soap Interactive)(Starbreeze Studios)[PC].7z (136.2M created 84h 36m 01s ago)
[FCandChill]Super Mario Kart (Prototype - kart_01 + kart_02) (1992-08-27)(Nintendo EAD)(Nintendo)[SNES].7z (81.57K created 84h 27m 21s ago)
[FCandChill]Super Mario Kart (Prototype - mkart) (1992-08-27)(Nintendo EAD)(Nintendo)[SNES].7z (66.45K created 84h 27m 08s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Skate (2007-09-24)(Black Box)(Electronic Arts)[PS3].7z (1003.66M created 80h 15m 36s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Skate (2007-09-14)(Black Box)(Electronic Arts)[X360][rr].7z (1003.5M created 80h 03m 13s ago)
Beautiful Girl Fight School (2020-03-05)(FG)(FG)[PC].7z (38.4M created 72h 18m 03s ago)
[bnnm]Taiko no Tatsujin DS - Dororon! Yokai Daikessen!! (2010-07-01)(-)(Bandai Namco)[NDS][rr].7z (37.44M created 63h 17m 37s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Grounded - Game Preview (2020-07-28)(Obsidian)(Xbox Game Studios)[PC].7z (201.25M created 57h 17m 31s ago)
[bnnm]Baroque (1998-05-21)(Sting)[SAT][rr].7z (76.75M created 42h 34m 40s ago)
[bnnm]Baroque Report (1998)(Sting)[SAT].7z (41.49M created 42h 31m 49s ago)
[marcusss]Vectorium (2018-05-03)(IndigoBlue Game Studio)[PC].7z (31.17M created 39h 55m 14s ago)
[marcusss]Almost Alive (2018-06-17)(Emir Cerimovic)(Emir Games)[PC].7z (61.77M created 39h 48m 32s ago)
[marcusss]Lost Wing (2020-07-31)(BoxFrog Games)(2Awesome Studio)[PC].7z (92.83M created 39h 42m 00s ago)
[Corak]Crusaders of Might and Magic (2000-03-01)(3DO Company)[PS1].7z (77.46M created 33h 51m 55s ago)
[Puterboy1]Nancy Drew - Message in a Haunted Mansion (2000-11-24)(Her)(DreamCatcher)[PC].7z (5.55M created 16h 26m 48s ago)
[Nicknine]Sonic Jump (2012-10-18)(Hardlight)(Sega)[Android].7z (13.79M created 9h 51m 40s ago)
[kode54]Netzone (1996-12-31)(Compro Games)(GameTek)[PC].7z (163.36M created 3h 45m 47s ago)