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[qwertysampletext]Super Monkey Ball (2001-09-14)(Amusement Vision)(Sega)[GC].7z (112.09M created 949h 38m 28s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]NiGHTS Into Dreams - Score Attack (2002-09-12)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[GBA].7z (40.65K created 939h 51m 28s ago)
[mariofan12ify]Dead Island Definitive Edition (2016-05-31)(Techland)(Deep Silver)[PC].7z (1.01G created 912h 25m 56s ago)
[Cooper]Desert Ambush (Browser) (2009)(Ultimate Arcade)[PC].7z (2.11M created 910h 47m 38s ago)
[Cooper]Desert Ambush (Browser) (2006)(Ultimate Arcade)(Miniclip)[PC].7z (2.11M created 910h 45m 04s ago)
[NoWool]Hobbit, The (2003-11-11)(The Fizz Factor)(Sierra Entertainment)[PC].7z (308.72M created 907h 58m 45s ago)
[bnnm]3D Classics - Kirby's Adventure (2011-11-17)(Nintendo)[3DS].7z (14.69M created 907h 31m 25s ago)
[bnnm]Black Star -Theater Starless- (2019-09-10)(Donuts)[Mobile].7z (93M created 907h 30m 02s ago)
[bnnm]Detective Conan Runner - Race to the Truth (2019-06-07)(Bushiroad International)[Mobile].7z (17.17M created 907h 28m 52s ago)
[bnnm]iDOLM@STER, The - Gravure For You! Vol. 1 (2011-10-27)(-)(Bandai Namco)[PS3].7z (190.16M created 907h 24m 56s ago)
[bnnm]iDOLM@STER, The - Gravure For You! Vol. 9 (2012-06-28)(-)(Bandai Namco)[PS3].7z (212.61M created 907h 11m 25s ago)
[bnnm]Mobius Final Fantasy (2015-05-04)(Square Enix)[Mobile].7z (379.78M created 906h 44m 53s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Hard Truck Tycoon (2005-11-24)(G5 Software)(ValuSoft)[PC].7z (32.39M created 902h 36m 50s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Xeodrifter (2018-02-15)(Atooi)[Switch].7z (38.85M created 882h 26m 05s ago)
[marcusss]King Exit (2017-10-20) (深爪貴族)(Paradise Project) [PC].7z (619.66M created 879h 03m 46s ago)
[marcusss]Jamestown Plus Deluxe Pack (2019-12-13)(Final Form Games)(Batterystaple Games) [PC].7z (156.19M created 877h 40m 02s ago)
[Cooper]Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne (2003-07-01)(Blizzard)[PC].7z (33.62M created 877h 35m 29s ago)
Syndicate (2012-02-21)(Starbreeze)(Electronic Arts)[X360].7z (301.51M created 871h 22m 58s ago)
Rapid Racer [Euro Demo 24] (1997) (SCE Studios London) (SCE Europe) [PS1].7z (45.04M created 863h 29m 49s ago)
Colony Wars - Vengeance (1998-10-31) (Psygnosis) [PS1] [rerip].7z (119.05M created 863h 27m 17s ago)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) (Psygnosis) (Sony Imagesoft) [SCD] [rerip].7z (123.33M created 863h 23m 57s ago)
TimeSplitters 2 [February 2002 Playable Demo] (2002) (Free Radical Design) (Eidos) [PS2].7z (58.06M created 863h 21m 41s ago)
[marcusss]Hartacon Tactics (2015-10-25)(Charlie Fleed, Daniele Messina) [PC].7z (37.3M created 854h 49m 12s ago)
[marcusss]Bloody Rally Show (2020-02-20)(Kodo Linija) [PC].7z (24.42M created 846h 01m 08s ago)
[marcusss]Shuriken and Aliens (2020-02-20)(Glass Bubble Software) [PC].7z (165.51M created 845h 05m 53s ago)
[marcusss]KATANA KAMI - A Way of the Samurai Story (2020-02-20)(Acquire)(Spike Chunsoft) [PC].7z (283.65M created 823h 39m 51s ago)
[marcusss]NEOVERSE (2020-02-19)(Tinogames) [PC].7z (85.11M created 822h 30m 34s ago)
[marcusss]Gnome Light (2017-08-01)(Palfrey Games) [PC].7z (59.94M created 822h 20m 16s ago)
[grj1234]Dream Program System (PC-98)(1989-12-xx)(Alice Soft).7z (11.62K created 819h 41m 23s ago)
[grj1234]Dream Program System SG (PC-98)(1990-08-xx)(Alice Soft).7z (28.2K created 817h 45m 17s ago)
[NOT sponsored by]Raid - Shadow Legends (2018-07-29)(Plarium)[Mobile].7z (4.56M created 816h 16m 06s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Turok (2019-03-18)(Nightdive)[Switch].7z (152.29M created 815h 05m 26s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Kahoot! (Browser) (2013)(Kahoot!)[PC].7z (47.7M created 809h 04m 44s ago)
[NoWool]Overwatch (v1.45.0.0) (2016-05-24)(Blizzard Entertainment)[PC].7z (199.64M created 808h 40m 56s ago)
[marcusss]All Day Dying (2019-12-05)(Paulo Lopes) [PC].7z (201.68M created 808h 37m 14s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Gimkit (Browser) (2017-10-30)(Josh Feinsilber)[PC].7z (29.11M created 808h 06m 20s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Disney Classic Games - Aladdin and The Lion King (2019-10-29)(Digital Eclipse)(Disney Interactive)[Switch].7z (12.77M created 803h 42m 15s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Shovel Knight (2015-04-21)(Yacht Club)[PS4].7z (153M created 783h 12m 24s ago)
[grj1234]Dream Program System (MSX2)(1989-12-xx)(Alice Soft).7z (3.58K created 769h 41m 43s ago)
[grj1234]Dream Program System SG (MSX2)(1990-08-xx)(Alice Soft).7z (6.11K created 769h 41m 33s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Duludubi Star (2008)(Fantawild)[PC].7z (25.54M created 735h 14m 59s ago)
[marcusss]Encased - A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG (2019-09-26)(Dark Crystal Games) [PC].7z (33.14M created 727h 32m 20s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Sonic Generations Demo (2012-01-17)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[PC].7z (123.05M created 720h 20m 37s ago)
[marcusss]Notch - The Innocent LunA - Eclipsed SinnerS (2012-02-18)(Angels Blues Digital-DigitalEZ)(DigitalEZ) [PC].7z (132.91M created 688h 06m 07s ago)
Tennis Elbow 2013 (2013-01-24)(Mana)[PC].7z (7.08M created 677h 10m 55s ago)
[lu9]Bob the Builder - Fix-it Fun! [vgm](2001)(Tiertex Design Studios)(THQ)[GBC].7z (237.75K created 665h 13m 22s ago)
[marcusss]Tales of Wind (2019-04-30)(NEOCRAFT)[ANDROID]     [updated].7z (46.99M created 653h 31m 47s ago)
[marcusss]Golden Krone Hotel (2017-10-26)(Vulgat) [PC].7z (117.14M created 653h 20m 41s ago)
Syndicate (2012-02-21)(Starbreeze)(Electronic Arts)[PS3].7z (259.82M created 646h 51m 08s ago)
[marcusss]Spartaga (2017-08-29)(House of How) [PC].7z (108.35M created 620h 17m 05s ago)
[marcusss]Village of Adventurers 2 (2017-11-29)(Tamamo Studio)(Paradise Project) [PC].7z (169.68M created 615h 17m 55s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Killing Floor 2 (2016-11-16)(Tripwire)(Deep Silver)[PS4].7z (368.36M created 605h 16m 39s ago)
Goal Storm '97 [World Soccer Winning Eleven '97] [International Superstar Soccer Pro] (1997-06-05) (KCE Tokyo) (Konami) [PS1] [rerip].7z (97.77M created 601h 36m 39s ago)
Victory Boxing 2 [Euro Demo 39] (1998) (JVC Digital Studios) [PS1].7z (3.96M created 601h 35m 56s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Assassin’s Creed - Brotherhood (2010-11-16)(Ubisoft Montreal)(Ubisoft)[X360].7z (411.68M created 598h 50m 42s ago)
[marcusss]Racing Glider (2020-02-28)(Mystik'art) [PC].7z (155.86M created 582h 36m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Grobda Remix (2017-11-15)(原创游戏, 幽兰工房)(SakuraGame) [PC].7z (104.49M created 582h 12m 51s ago)
[K.T.]SD Gundam G Generation World (2011-02-24)(Tom Create)(Bandai Namco)[Wii].7z (405.59M created 577h 13m 42s ago)
[K.T.]Mobile Suit Gundam - Extreme VS-Force [Kidou Senshi Gundam - Extreme VS Force] (2015-12-23)(-)(Bandai Namco)[Vita].7z (119.92M created 576h 56m 10s ago)
[K.T.]Danball Senki W (2012-10-18)(Level 5)[Vita].7z (419.16M created 576h 44m 02s ago)
[Nicknine]Black Mesa (2020-03-06)(Crowbar Collective)[PC][rr].7z (1.02G created 570h 36m 16s ago)
[bnnm]Dragon Quest of the Stars (2015-10-15)(Square Enix)[Mobile].7z (166.35M created 561h 41m 46s ago)
[bnnm]Kingdom Hearts Union X [Kingdom Hearts Unchained X](2015-09-03)(BitGroove)(Square Enix)[Mobile][upd].7z (201.94M created 561h 38m 54s ago)
[bnnm]Schoolgirl Strikers (2014-04-10)(Square Enix)[Mobile].7z (359.8M created 561h 33m 17s ago)
[bnnm]Sengoku BASARA Battle Party (Android) (2019-06-24)(Capcom)[Mobile].7z (64.89M created 561h 29m 29s ago)
[bnnm]Silent Hill 3 (2003-11-07)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami)[PC].7z (527.41M created 561h 23m 54s ago)
[bnnm]Tales of Zestiria (2015-01-22)(Namco Tales Studio)(Bandai Namco)[PS3].7z (378.29M created 561h 05m 04s ago)
[bnnm]Tales of Berseria (2016-08-18)(Bandai Namco)[PS3][rr].7z (408.54M created 561h 02m 52s ago)
[marcusss]Star Souls (2020-03-04)(DrankiKets) [PC].7z (125.92M created 558h 39m 23s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Super Monkey Ball - Sakura Edition (Android) (2010-04-02)(Sega)[Mobile].7z (10.04M created 548h 09m 21s ago)
[bnnm]Last Cloudia (2019-04-15)(Aidis)[Mobile].7z (41.8M created 546h 36m 36s ago)
[bnnm]Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou [Android](2017-04-26)(Grani)[Mobile][rr].7z (154.88M created 546h 21m 27s ago)
[bnnm]Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare (2010-10-26)(Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar North)(Rockstar)[X360].7z (422.41M created 546h 15m 01s ago)
[marcusss]Ultimate Admiral - Age of Sail (2020-03-04)(Game-Labs) [PC].7z (41.72M created 543h 25m 19s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Sonic Adventure 2 (2012-11-19)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[PC].7z (324.87M created 541h 31m 29s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Sonic Gems Collection (2005-08-16)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[GC].7z (9.99M created 533h 54m 01s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Whoops. Ignore Sonic Mega Collection plz.7z (1 created 533h 48m 44s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (2002-08-25)(BigSky)(THQ)[GC].7z (172.3M created 533h 44m 14s ago)
[marcusss]Optika (2016-08-27)(PlayZilla.tk) [PC].7z (48.49M created 523h 53m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Space Panic Defense (2017-11-25)(Xefier Games) [PC].7z (41.17M created 523h 30m 29s ago)
[marcusss]Field of Glory II - Immortal Fire (2017-12-05)(Byzantine Games)(Slitherine) [PC].7z (19.63M created 523h 19m 30s ago)
[marcusss]Battle Chef Brigade (2017-11-20)(Trinket Studios)(Adult Swim) [PC].7z (48.08M created 523h 06m 01s ago)
[marcusss]Kitty Nigiri (2017-09-05)(Greater Studios) [PC].7z (69.65M created 522h 56m 03s ago)
[marcusss]Tenta Shooter (2017-12-08)(Rakugaki Games)(Henteko Doujin) [PC].7z (28.97M created 519h 29m 04s ago)
[marcusss]Hyakugojuunenme no Mahoutsukai (2015-05-03)(Pink Chuchu) [PC].7z (110.3M created 519h 02m 14s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Animal Crossing - amiibo Festival (2015-11-13)(Nintendo EPD, NDcube)(Nintendo)[Wii U].7z (167.22M created 507h 50m 51s ago)
Chou Dragon Ball Z (2006-06-29)(Crafts & Meister)(Banpresto) [PS2].7z (94.99M created 496h 44m 30s ago)
Super Dragon Ball Z (2006-07-18)(Crafts & Meister)(Atari SA) [PS2].7z (92.89M created 496h 20m 12s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Psychonauts (2005-05-19)(Double Fine)(Majesco)[PC][rr].7z (307.8M created 485h 13m 28s ago)
Max Payne 3 (2012-05-31)(Rockstar)[PC].7z (1.14G created 484h 00m 55s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020-03-11)(Moon)(Xbox Game Studios)[PC].7z (798.97M created 478h 59m 42s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Iron Man 2 (2010-05-04)(Sega Studios San Francisco)(Sega)[PS3].7z (587.21M created 477h 48m 06s ago)
[bnnm]Kou-Kyou-Sei Million Arthur (2018-10-04)(Square Enix)[Mobile].7z (134.41M created 475h 39m 29s ago)
[bnnm]Dragon Poker (Android)(2013-05-17)(Asobism)[Mobile][upd].7z (548.76M created 475h 05m 08s ago)
[marcusss]iubes 2 (2017-12-14)(Codrer) [PC].7z (50.58M created 471h 59m 40s ago)
[LukeWarnut]King of Fighters Extreme, The (2005-01-31)(Hudson)(Nokia)[N-Gage].7z (3.08M created 470h 29m 21s ago)
Extra Bright (1996-12-06)(To One)(ASCII)[PS1] [rerip].7z (14.55M created 468h 00m 43s ago)
[marcusss]Nighthaw-X3000 (2017-04-17)(N94 Games)(AAG) [PC].7z (18.88M created 461h 48m 12s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Elder Scrolls Travels, The - Shadowkey (2004-08-26)(Vir2L, TKO)(Nokia)[N-Gage].7z (1.5M created 461h 46m 29s ago)
[LukeWarnut]WWE Aftershock (2005-07-11)(Exient)(THQ)[N-Gage].7z (4.8M created 461h 46m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Bullet Party (2017-08-01)(Awoker Games) [PC].7z (67.31M created 461h 39m 33s ago)
[marcusss]Betrayal at Krondor (2010-03-30)(Dynamix) [PC].7z (29M created 460h 21m 03s ago)
[LukeWarnut]SSX 3 (2003-08-20)(Electronic Arts, Exient)(Gizmondo Games)[Gizmondo].7z (36.53M created 458h 34m 15s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Hit & Myth (Prototype) (2005)(Fever Pitch)(Gizmondo Games)[Gizmondo].7z (3.42M created 458h 18m 03s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Hobbit, The (2003-11-11)(The Fizz Factor)(Sierra Entertainment)[PC][sorted].7z (294.33M created 456h 48m 35s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Pocket Ping Pong 2005 (2005-05-18)(Netdol)(Fathammer)[Gizmondo].7z (17.66M created 453h 57m 51s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Colors (Prototype) (-)(Indie)(Gizmondo Games)[Gizmondo].7z (2.84M created 453h 48m 31s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Hockey Rage 2005 (2005-04-26)(Chairman & Board)(Fathammer)[Gizmondo].7z (14.16M created 453h 47m 41s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Fathammer Classics (2005-03-19)(Fathammer, Ninai, Vasara)(Gizmondo Studios)[Gizmondo].7z (665.81K created 453h 39m 24s ago)
[bnnm]Let It Die (2018-09-26)(Grasshopper Manufacture)(GungHo Online)[PC][rr].7z (535.92M created 451h 15m 18s ago)
[K.T.]Kidou Senshi Gundam - Extreme VS. Full Boost (2014-01-30)(-)(Bandai Namco)[PS3].7z (978.78M created 440h 31m 43s ago)
[marcusss]Quest Failed - Chapter 1 (2016-10-25)(Frostworks)[PC] [rerip].7z (40.25M created 438h 45m 12s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Iron Man (2008-05-02)(Secret Level)(Sega)[PS3].7z (557.17M created 433h 42m 15s ago)
Sotsugyou II - Neo Generation FX (1994-12-23)(Headroom,Tenky,Riverhill Soft)(NEC)[PC-FX] [rerip].7z (108.76M created 430h 40m 54s ago)
Sotsugyou II - Neo Generation (1995-10-27)(Headroom)(Riverhill Soft)[PS1].7z (137.69M created 430h 14m 38s ago)
Sotsugyou R - Graduation Real (1998-01-16)(NEC)(NEC)[PC-FX].7z (5.13M created 429h 17m 35s ago)
Sotsugyou R - Graduation Real (1996-03-08)(Headroom)(Bandai Visual)[PS1].7z (26.69M created 429h 12m 46s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Panzer Bandit (Demo) (1997-08)(Fill-in-Cafe)(Banpresto)[PS1].7z (8.33M created 421h 47m 12s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Panzer Bandit (1997-08-07)(Fill-in-Cafe)(Banpresto)[PS1][rr].7z (48.4M created 421h 37m 53s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Mad Stalker (1994-07)(Family Soft)[FMTowns][rr].7z (160.63M created 421h 04m 18s ago)
[AceK]Granblue Fantasy - Versus (2020-03-13)(Arc System Works)(Cygames)[PC].7z (781.77M created 415h 07m 34s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Mad Stalker - Full Metal Force (1997-07-03)(Fill-in-Cafe)(Family Soft)[PS1][rr].7z (159.32M created 400h 29m 34s ago)
[kode54]Anodyne 2 (2019-09-12)(Analgesic Productions)[PC].7z (118.91M created 398h 56m 34s ago)
[marcusss]Zombie Derby 2 (2016-09-22)(Brinemedia) [PC].7z (9.97M created 389h 58m 40s ago)
[marcusss]Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- (2020-03-12)(Why so serious-Team Ladybug)(PLAYISM) [PC].7z (9.78M created 389h 52m 26s ago)
[marcusss]ZAMB - Biomutant Extermination (2014-06-21)(Nano Games)(Kasedo Games) [PC].7z (28.67M created 389h 09m 44s ago)
[marcusss]Orangeblood (2020-01-14)(Grayfax)(PLAYISM) [PC].7z (95.83M created 365h 45m 14s ago)
Zen-Nippon Joshi Pro Wrestling - Queen of Queens (1995-03-24)(HuneX)(NEC) [PC-FX].7z (9.09M created 362h 30m 02s ago)
[Ultrafighter]XCOM - Enemy Unknown (2012-10-08)(Firaxis)(2K)[PC].7z (74.04M created 358h 54m 50s ago)
[Ultrafighter]XCOM - Enemy Within (2013-11-11)(Firaxis)(2K)[PC].7z (38.89M created 358h 52m 54s ago)
[K.T.]Super Robot Taisen Scramble Commander the 2nd (2007-11-01)(-)(Banpresto)[PS2].7z (215.89M created 342h 15m 57s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Run! Gorilla (Android) (2017-03-20)(pinbit)[Mobile].7z (4.83M created 339h 28m 02s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Pecker Rush (Android) (2016-04-03)(pinbit)[Mobile].7z (2.1M created 339h 27m 36s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Chicory - A Colorful Tale Demo (2020-03-18)(Greg Lobanov)(Finji)[PC].7z (13.57M created 312h 45m 17s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent! [DSiWare](2010-09-01)(Arc System Works)(Aksys)[NDS].7z (947.46K created 304h 41m 32s ago)
Konpeki no Kantai (1995-03-31)(Micro Cabin)(NEC)[PC-FX] [update].7z (17.78M created 294h 48m 46s ago)
Return to Zork (1995-05-27)(Data West)(NEC)[PC-FX].7z (22.37M created 294h 37m 14s ago)
[LukeWarnut]DOOM 64 (2020-03-20)(id, Nightdive)(Bethesda)[Switch].7z (22.99K created 292h 44m 09s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Ding Dong XL (2019-04-22)(Nickervision)[Switch].7z (12.12M created 289h 28m 47s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Terraria (2019-06-27)(Pipeworks)(505)[Switch].7z (30.22M created 289h 23m 07s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Clock Simulator (2019-01-10)(Kool2Play)[Switch].7z (3.9M created 289h 20m 58s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Battleship (2019-07-24)(Marmalade)[Switch].7z (9.4M created 289h 17m 01s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Bloons TD 5 (2018-06-13)(Ninja Kiwi)[Switch].7z (14.28M created 289h 14m 53s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Unravel Two (2019-03-22)(ColdWood)(Electronic Arts)[Switch].7z (274.02M created 289h 00m 48s ago)
[marcusss]Dead End Junction (2016-09-23)(773)(Culture Select) [PC].7z (87.17M created 284h 49m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Gaia's Melody - Echoed Melodies (2017-10-20)(Echo607) [PC].7z (413.8M created 269h 24m 55s ago)
[marcusss]Mermaid Adventures - The Frozen Time (2018-02-17)(First Games Interactive) [PC].7z (25.5M created 269h 18m 21s ago)
[marcusss]Love or Loved - A Bullet For My Valentine (2018-02-09)(GamerzDan) [PC].7z (24.01M created 269h 02m 56s ago)
[marcusss]Pathos (2017-12-06)(Broguelike)(Accordion Games) [PC].7z (43.67M created 268h 52m 31s ago)
[sunk]Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill (2018-02-01)(Realtime Associates)(Kaneko)(Second Dimension)[SNES].7z (73.57K created 260h 20m 25s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Rayman Origins (2012-03-29)(Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Casablanca)(Ubisoft)[PC][rr].7z (870.17M created 246h 38m 03s ago)
[marcusss]Stellaris (2016-05-09)(Paradox Interactive) [PC] (updated - Latest DLC added).7z (629.17M created 246h 24m 18s ago)
[K.T.]Sunrise World War from Sunrise Eiyuutan (2003-9-25) (Sunrise Interactive)(Bandai)[PS2].7z (394.3M created 236h 44m 24s ago)
[NoWool]Mega Man X [Rockman X] (1993-12-17)(Capcom)[SNES].7z (82.01K created 222h 44m 44s ago)
[sunk]Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Prototype) (1993-11-03)(Sonic Team)(Sega)[SMD].7z (3.22M created 220h 36m 09s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Mafia II (2010-08-23)(2K Czech)(2K)[PC].7z (512.03M created 218h 20m 19s ago)
[marcusss]Far-Out (2019-01-17)(Escapism Softworks) [PC].7z (79.35M created 200h 07m 29s ago)
[marcusss]B.O.T.S and the Robofriends (2020-03-15)(Game Grotto Softworks) [PC].7z (234.94M created 184h 27m 04s ago)
007 - Quantum of Solace (2008-10-31) (Vicarious Visions) (Activision) [NDS] [rerip].7z (3.75M created 182h 33m 16s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Half-Life - Alyx (2020-03-23)(Valve)[PC].7z (185.17M created 162h 41m 34s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (1996-03-29)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (20.73M created 150h 37m 46s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (1998-03-06)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (12.26M created 150h 32m 06s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish 4 - The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch (1999-11-05)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (18.05M created 150h 28m 12s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish 5 - The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove (2001-06-19)(Humongous Entertainment)(Infogrames)[PC].7z (60.9M created 150h 23m 31s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness (1996-11-22)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (10.64M created 150h 21m 51s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds (1994-10-28)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (11.68M created 150h 09m 10s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000-04-05)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (1.07M created 150h 05m 01s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam - No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside (1996-10-04)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (12.46M created 149h 46m 01s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam 2 - Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening (1998-10-02)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (6.94M created 149h 43m 53s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam 3 - You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet (2000-04-01)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (23.2M created 149h 40m 50s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000-04-05)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (1.67M created 149h 39m 16s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam's Sock Works (1999-01-01)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (2.46M created 149h 36m 56s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise (1995)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (5.08M created 149h 06m 25s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon (1995)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (11.73M created 149h 04m 06s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Joins the Parade (1995)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (4.32M created 149h 02m 49s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt - Pep's Birthday Surprise (2003-08-15)(Humongous Entertainment)(Atari)[PC].7z (15.9M created 148h 58m 21s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Pajama Sam - Games to Play on Any Day (2001-01-01)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (48.01M created 148h 39m 08s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Enters the Race (1998-01-01)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (16.25M created 148h 33m 59s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Joins the Circus (2000-12-31)(Humongous Entertainment)(Infogrames)[PC].7z (12.48M created 148h 32m 05s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo (1995-12-31)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (28.88M created 148h 26m 32s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt Travels Through Time (1997-11-27)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (16.2M created 148h 24m 00s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Putt-Putt's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000-04-05)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (2.73M created 148h 21m 58s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Spy Fox - Operation Ozone (2001-03-30)(Humongous Entertainment)(Infogrames)[PC][rr].7z (175.56M created 148h 16m 25s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Spy Fox 2 - Some Assembly Required (1999-10-26)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (18.09M created 148h 15m 31s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Spy Fox in Cheese Chase (1998-12-31)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (1.7M created 148h 14m 43s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Spy Fox in Dry Cereal (1997-09-02)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (10.85M created 148h 13m 22s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Spy Fox in Hold the Mustard (1999-09-21)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (6.42M created 148h 12m 31s ago)
[nilk]Smurf Racer! (2001)(Artificial Mind & Movement)(Infogrames)[PS1].7z (28.49M created 146h 01m 17s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (1998-10-15)(Semi Logic Entertainments)(Mattel Media)[PC].7z (16.74M created 139h 17m 10s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries (1996-12-19)(Humongous Entertainment)[PC].7z (21.21M created 139h 06m 21s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Quake (1996-06-22)(id)(GT Interactive)[PC][rr].7z (256.38M created 138h 58m 29s ago)
[NoWool]Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (2010-11-09)(Sucker Punch, Sanzaru Games)(SCE America)[PS3].7z (318.46M created 120h 44m 14s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Warcraft - Orcs & Humans (1994-11-23)(Blizzard Entertainment)[PC][rr].7z (124.65M created 118h 14m 23s ago)
Nancy Drew - The Secret of Shadow Ranch (2004-08-30)(-)(Her)[PC].7z (6.75M created 117h 18m 41s ago)
Ghostpia (2014-10-06)(Chosuido)(room6)[iOS].7z (109.53M created 111h 22m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Princesses Never Lose! (2020-03-19)(AVANTGARDE)(Kagura Games) [PC].7z (314.07M created 111h 21m 37s ago)
[Gameboi64]FX-Unit Yuki- The Henshin Engine (2018-04-12)(SaruPro)[TCD].7z (498.35M created 110h 42m 33s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Warcraft II - Beyond the Dark Portal (Expansion Set)(1996-05-16)(Blizzard Entertainment, Cyberlore Studios)[PC].7z (283.11M created 92h 04m 47s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness (1995-12-09)(Blizzard Entertainment)(Davidson & Associates)[PC][rr].7z (239.71M created 91h 53m 26s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Super Bernie World (2020-03-09)(Gamdevs for Bernie)(Kitsune)[PC].7z (1.89M created 85h 15m 01s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Drawful 2 (2016-06-21)(Jackbox)[PC].7z (13.86M created 84h 50m 33s ago)
[Dark_Ansem]Batman_-_Arkham_Knight___2015___PC.7z (1.12G created 79h 59m 12s ago)
[Dark_Ansem]Batman Arkham Knight - Arundel, Buckley (gamerip) (DLC) - Rocksteady Studios WB - PC - 23-06-2015.rar (486.83M created 78h 26m 33s ago)
[Dark_Ansem]Batman Arkham Knight - Arundel, Buckley (gamerip) - Rocksteady Studios WB - PC - 23-06-2015.rar (836.15M created 78h 15m 19s ago)
[marcusss]No Stick Shooter (2017-05-17)(Happy Robot Games) [PC].7z (35.19M created 77h 41m 56s ago)
[marcusss]Dungeon Gambit Boy (2018-03-21)(Dosane Games)(Orlyapps) [PC].7z (79.63M created 77h 29m 46s ago)
[marcusss]Wars and Warriors - Joan of Arc (2004-02-07)(Enlight Software)(Retroism) [PC].7z (35.26M created 77h 05m 28s ago)
[JacintaB19] Fever 4 - Sankyo Pachinko Simulation (2001-03-08) (ICS) [PS1].zip (133.5M created 76h 16m 04s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Wii U Panorama View - Bird's-Eye View (2013-4-26)(Nintendo)[Wii U].7z (18.34M created 70h 26m 06s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (2013-09-20)(FreakZone)(Screenwave)[Wii U].7z (21.97M created 70h 19m 15s ago)
[Nicknine]Doom Eternal (2020-03-20)(id)(Bethesda)[PC].7z (1.43G created 68h 46m 42s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Warcraft II - Battle.net Edition (1999-09-30)(Blizzard Entertainment)[PC].7z (106.89M created 68h 02m 37s ago)
[MDHEXT]Face Pilot - Fly with your Nintendo DSi Camera! (2010-06-18)(HAL Labratory)(Nintendo)[DSiWare].7z (2.03M created 61h 22m 55s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Sam & Max Hit the Road (1993-11)(LucasArts)[PC].7z (69.39M created 58h 32m 54s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Maniac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle (1993-06-25)(LucasArts)[PC].7z (476.93K created 58h 13m 42s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Madden NFL 08 (2007-08-14)(EA Tiburon)(Electronic Arts)[Xbox].7z (226.35M created 55h 03m 20s ago)
[Gameboi64]Lunar 1 - Silver Star Story (1999-12-08)(Game Arts, Studio Alex)(DigiCube)(Kadokawa Shoten)[PC].7z (9.6M created 47h 34m 05s ago)
[Gameboi64]Falcom Classics II (1998-10-29)(Falcom)(-)(Victor)[SAT].7z (613.26M created 46h 34m 29s ago)
[Gameboi64]Sonic & Knuckles Collection (1997-02-14)(H.I.C.)(Sega)[PC].7z (347.33K created 41h 54m 06s ago)
[Gameboi64]Puggsy (1993-11)(Traveller's Tales, Psygnosis)[SCD].7z (229.15M created 41h 28m 43s ago)
Discworld (1995) (Psygnosis Limited) (Teeny Weeny Games, Ltd.) [PS1].7z (11.17M created 34h 21m 52s ago)
Test Drive 5 [Euro Demo 37] (1998) (Pitbull Syndicate) (Accolade) [PS1].7z (665.43K created 28h 31m 40s ago)
[Gameboi64]Sonic CD JP [Sonic The Hedgehog CD] (Beta) (1993-05-12)(Sega AM7)(Sega)[SCD].7z (277.12M created 27h 44m 12s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Gallop & Ride! (2008-11-20)(Sproing)(THQ)[Wii].7z (82.61M created 23h 42m 40s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Burger Island (2009-05-01)(eGames)(Destineer)[Wii].7z (17.44M created 23h 24m 36s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Crayola - Colorful Journey (2009-03-17)(StudioBlack)(Crave)[Wii].7z (46.66M created 23h 03m 53s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball (2009-05-14)(Blazing Lizard)(SouthPeak)[Wii].7z (35.21M created 22h 24m 22s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Smiley World - Island Challenge (2009-04-03)(Frame)(Zoo Digital)[Wii].7z (29.89M created 22h 10m 03s ago)
My Hero One's Justice 2 [My Hero Academia - One's Justice 2] (2020-03-12)(Byking)(Bandai Namco)[PC].7z (111.98M created 21h 35m 48s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math - The Island of Diamonds [WiiWare](2012-03-22)(Gamelion)(The Learning Company)[Wii].7z (1.46M created 20h 58m 16s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Sexy Poker [WiiWare](2009-08-03)(Gameloft)[Wii].7z (3.04M created 18h 20m 41s ago)
[LukeWarnut]Tetris Effect (2019-07-23)(Monstars, Resonair)(Enhance)[PC].7z (647.9M created 4h 48m 04s ago)
Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! (1996) (Psygnosis Limited) (Perfect Entertainment, Ltd.) [PC].7z (164.53M created 4h 24m 57s ago)