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[AceK]Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo- -melody of the sun and sea- (2007-05-31)(Giga)(Alchemist)[PS2].7z (245.92M created 523h 12m 03s ago)
[Ultrafighter]UFC Personal Trainer - The Ultimate Fitness System (2011-06-28)(-)(THQ)[X360][rerip].7z (234.74M created 519h 21m 26s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Open Season (2006-09-19)(Ubisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Montreal)(Ubisoft)[PS2][sorted].7z (188.03M created 519h 18m 35s ago)
Micro Machines V3 [Micro Machines] (1997-03) (Codemasters) [PS1] [rerip].7z (72.15M created 516h 10m 59s ago)
[Slashiee]Dragalia Lost (2018-09-27)(Cygames)(Nintendo)[Mobile][update].7z (269.61M created 515h 56m 39s ago)
[Slashiee]Team Sonic Racing (2019-05-21)(Sumo Digital)(Sega)[Switch][update].7z (314.96M created 514h 50m 03s ago)
[Puterboy1]The Last Express (2013-11-21)(Smoking Car Productions)(DotEmu)[PC].7z (34.77M created 509h 55m 43s ago)
[Puterboy1]Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup (2003-10-28)(EA UK)(Electronic Arts)[PC].7z (59.99M created 509h 47m 28s ago)
[Puterboy1]Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999-08-31)(Big Ape)(Lucasarts)[PS1].7z (203.08M created 507h 06m 15s ago)
[Puterboy1]Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999-08-31)(Big Ape)(Lucasarts)[PC] (re-rip).7z (203.08M created 506h 46m 40s ago)
[marcusss]Aggressors - Ancient Rome (2018-08-31)(Kubat Software)(Slitherine Ltd.) [PC].7z (608.46M created 494h 21m 49s ago)
[Slender]Atomica(2002-08-14)(PopCap)[PC].7z (483.24K created 481h 22m 59s ago)
[Slender]Peggle(2007-02-27)(PopCap)[PC].7z (2.25M created 481h 13m 12s ago)
[Slender]Peggle Nights(2008-09-16)(PopCap)[PC].7z (5.69M created 480h 58m 27s ago)
[Slender]Heavy Weapon(2005-02-24)(PopCap)[PC].7z (659.1K created 480h 53m 10s ago)
[Slender]Insaniquarium(2004-09-01)(Flying Bear)(PopCap)[PC].7z (175.21K created 480h 44m 24s ago)
[Slender]Typer Shark(2003-06-11)(PopCap)[PC].7z (485.23K created 480h 39m 34s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Hitman – Contracts (2004-04-20)(Io)(Eidos)[PC].7z (132.26M created 472h 35m 54s ago)
[marcusss]Tales of the Neon Sea (2019-04-30)(Palm Pioneer)(Zodiac Interactive) [PC].7z (59.45M created 471h 56m 01s ago)
[marcusss]Moonsouls - Echoes of the Past (2018-03-29)(Mad Head Games)(Big Fish Games) [PC].7z (82.13M created 471h 08m 37s ago)
[marcusss]Punch Line (2019-05-23)(MAGES Inc.)(PQube Limited) [PC].7z (458.83M created 470h 28m 47s ago)
[marcusss]ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS (2015-05-02)(Radial Games) [PC].7z (39.71M created 470h 17m 42s ago)
[marcusss]Flux (2019-05-26)(Mars Ashton) [PC].7z (43.54M created 469h 44m 47s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Earthworm Jim - Special Edition (1995-11-30)(Kinesoft)(Activision)[PC].7z (318.76M created 463h 47m 27s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Secret of Monkey Island, The (1992)(Lucasarts)[PC].7z (206.98M created 463h 35m 16s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Hot Wheels - Micro Racers (2000-04-28)(Unique Development Studios)(Mattel Interactive)[PC].7z (129.33M created 463h 25m 56s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Earthworm Jim 2 (1996-11)(Screaming Pink)(Virgin)[PS1][rr].7z (207.18M created 463h 09m 09s ago)
[Pingu!]Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure(2005-02-15)(Phoenix Studio)(Ubisoft)[Gamecube].7z (5.63M created 458h 57m 59s ago)
[Slender]Hap Hazard(2005)(Raptisoft)[PC].7z (317.67K created 458h 16m 44s ago)
[marcusss]Ittle Dew 2 Plus (2016-11-15)(Ludosity) [PC].7z (455.3M created 455h 06m 45s ago)
[marcusss]Sail and Sacrifice (2019-05-23)(CAGE Studios) [PC].7z (33.5M created 454h 05m 53s ago)
[Puterboy1]Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012-11-09)(-)(Namco Bandai)[X360].7z (381.78M created 441h 51m 53s ago)
[Pingu!]Kim Possible - What's the Switch (2006-11-07)(Behaviour Interactive)(Disney Interactive Studios, ak tronic Software & Services GmbH)[PS2].7z (62.78M created 439h 37m 13s ago)
[Puterboy1]Lionel Trains Presents Trans-Con! (1999-10-01)(Knowledge Adventure)(Sierra Entertainment)[PC].7z (74.81M created 439h 02m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Winged Sakura - Mindy's Arc 2 (2019-04-27)(WINGED SAKURA GAMES) [PC].7z (52M created 424h 28m 10s ago)
[marcusss]HYPERFORMA (2018-03-16)(Fedor Danilov) (iOS).7z (74.39M created 424h 19m 31s ago)
[marcusss]An Adventurer's Tale (2019-05-24)(Epic Works, Top Hat Studios Inc) [PC].7z (52.35M created 424h 10m 12s ago)
[marcusss]Voidspire Tactics (2015-11-03)(Rad Codex) [PC].7z (813.66M created 422h 46m 01s ago)
[marcusss]Kaos (2019-05-28)(Konundrum Interactive) [PC].7z (335.38M created 413h 11m 27s ago)
[marcusss]Void Raiders (2016-06-15)(Tryzna83) [PC].7z (47.28M created 412h 54m 45s ago)
[marcusss]Legend of the Skyfish (2017-02-24)(Mgaia Studio)(Crescent Moon Games) [PC].7z (17.74M created 412h 37m 29s ago)
[marcusss]Chaos Drift (2017-03-03)(OmniStorm Gaming) [PC].7z (295.23M created 410h 34m 49s ago)
[marcusss]Vambrace - Cold Soul (2019-05-28)(Devespresso Games)(Headup, WhisperGames) [PC].7z (131.16M created 409h 37m 29s ago)
[marcusss]POLYCRUSHER (2016-10-14)(Atomic Pond Studios)(Broken Rules) [PC].7z (58.35M created 408h 26m 28s ago)
[sephirothkefka]Paw Patrol - On a Roll! (2018-08-21)(Torus Games)(Outright Games, Nickelodeon)[Switch].7z (31.63M created 408h 07m 36s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Wild Woody (1995)(Sega Multimedia Studio)(Sega)[SCD][rr].7z (251.27M created 407h 12m 50s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Speedball 2 - Tournament (2007-11-27)(Kylotonn)(Frogster)[PC].7z (152.79M created 397h 55m 52s ago)
[sephirothkefka]Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (2018-03-20)(WayForward Technologies)[Switch].7z (55.86M created 386h 49m 15s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Backyard Wrestling - Don't Try This at Home (2003-10-09)(Paradox Development)(Eidos)[Xbox].7z (482.28M created 377h 18m 19s ago)
Dark Void Zero [DSiWare] (2010-01-18) (Other Ocean) (Capcom) [NDS] [update].7z (3.29M created 367h 44m 04s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Vietcong 2 (2005-10-24)(Pterodon)(2K)[PC].7z (68.65M created 356h 01m 21s ago)
[NoWool]Manhunt (2003-11-18)(Rockstar North)(Rockstar Games)[PS2].7z (826.93M created 351h 40m 58s ago)
[marcusss]Black Baron (2019-05-30)(toR Studio) [PC].7z (24.53M created 350h 41m 53s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Cold War (2005-09-27)(Mindware)(DreamCatcher)[Xbox].7z (554.78M created 347h 11m 32s ago)
[NoWool]Manhunt (2004-04-20)(Rockstar North)(Rockstar Games)[XBOX].7z (853.43M created 344h 22m 35s ago)
[1337haXXor] Dark Spire, The [Genmu no Tō to Tsurugi no Okite] (2008-05-22)(Success)(Atlus)[NDS].7z (2.75M created 334h 39m 17s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Aliens Versus Predator - Extinction (2003-07-30)(Zono)(Electronic Arts)[Xbox][rerip].7z (90.41M created 332h 10m 58s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Aliens Versus Predator - Extinction (2003-07-30)(Zono)(Electronic Arts)[PS2][rerip].7z (216.07M created 331h 31m 22s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Infernal - Hell's Vengeance (2009-06-30)(Metropolis)(Playlogic)[X360].7z (143.91M created 328h 09m 54s ago)
[AceK]Melty Blood Act Cadenza (2005-03-25)(Type Moon)(Ecole Software)(Sega)[Sega NAOMI][UPDATE].7z (23.87M created 328h 06m 13s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Summoner (2001-03-19)(Volition)(THQ Nordic)[PC][rerip].7z (220.25M created 318h 16m 36s ago)
[Cooper B. Chance]Red Faction (2001-05-22)(Volition)(THQ)[PS2].7z (286.26M created 309h 30m 43s ago)
[marcusss]Necromancer Returns (2018-02-01)(Greenolor Studio) [PC].7z (28.71M created 301h 54m 57s ago)
[marcusss]Veilia (2016-08-24)(Gawkfish Studios) [PC].7z (22.97M created 301h 49m 36s ago)
[marcusss]Star Merc (2017-02-11)(D247 Games)(New Worlds Games) [PC].7z (728.73M created 301h 15m 54s ago)
[marcusss]Teria (2017-01-17)(ElZzap Software) [PC].7z (121.25M created 292h 25m 09s ago)
[marcusss]Wizardas (2019-06-02)(EllGames) [PC].7z (31.31M created 292h 14m 40s ago)
[marcusss]Onikira - Demon Killer (2017-08-27)(Digital Furnace Games)(Headup Games) [PC].7z (172.73M created 288h 19m 50s ago)
[NoWool]Sly 2 - Band of Thieves [Kaitou Sly Cooper 2] (2004-09-14)(Sucker Punch)(SCE America)[PS2].7z (210.98M created 280h 25m 23s ago)
[Puterboy1]LEGO Dimensions (2015-09-27)(TT Games)(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)[Wii U].7z (968.05M created 269h 04m 47s ago)
[marcusss]SpellForce 3 (2017-12-07)(Grimlore Games)(THQ Nordic) [PC]   -- New DLC added --.7z (747.18M created 257h 03m 29s ago)
[AceK]Melty Blood Act Cadenza (2007-07-27)(Type-Moon)(Ecole Software)[PC].7z (28.91M created 256h 11m 26s ago)
[sephirothkefka]Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots (2008-06-12)(Kojima Productions)(Konami)[PS3].7z (1.62G created 254h 59m 39s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Collapse (2008-09-25)(Creoteam)(Buka)[PC].7z (108.5M created 246h 14m 32s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Collapse - The Rage (2010-05-13)(Creoteam)(Buka)[PC].7z (46.19M created 246h 13m 37s ago)
[NoWool]Sly 3 - Honor Among Thieves (2005-09-26)(Sucker Punch)(SCE America)[PS2].7z (242.66M created 244h 17m 26s ago)
[marcusss]Stellaris (2016-05-10)(Paradox Interactive)(Paradox Development) [PC]   --- New DLC added ---.7z (594.93M created 244h 04m 33s ago)
[Pingu!]Luxor 3 (2007-09-30)(MumboJumbo)[Wii].7z (7.8M created 242h 54m 43s ago)
[marcusss]Iron Heart (2019-06-04)(Creobit)(8floor) [PC].7z (20.7M created 229h 39m 21s ago)
[marcusss]Reventure (2019-06-04)(Pixelatto) [PC].7z (55.13M created 229h 28m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Language of Love, The (2019-05-29)(ebi-hime) [PC].7z (23.11M created 229h 00m 43s ago)
Discworld II - Mortality Bytes! [Discworld II - Missing presumed...!] [Euro Demo 29] (1998) (Perfect) (Psygnosis) [PS1].7z (4.82M created 220h 27m 45s ago)
[Puterboy1]Carmen Sandiego The Secret of the Stolen Drums (2004-09-08)(BAM! Entertainment)(Artificial Mind and Movement)[PS2].7z (44.76M created 218h 46m 06s ago)
[marcusss]Dragon's Dungeon - Awakening (2017-08-11)(LunarPixel)(Atriagames) [PC].7z (52.27M created 217h 41m 00s ago)
Magical Tetris Challenge [Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey] (1999-03-18)(Capcom)[PS1].7z (65.73M created 217h 30m 27s ago)
Puyo Puyo Sun Ketteiban (1997-11-27)(Compile)[PS1].7z (97.13M created 217h 27m 47s ago)
[marcusss]Frane - Dragon's Odyssey (2019-04-05)(ExeCreate)(KEMCO) [PC].7z (6.92M created 217h 24m 20s ago)
[marcusss]Dungeon Scavenger (2019-05-06)(Vidama) [PC].7z (52.32M created 216h 26m 13s ago)
[marcusss]I of the Dragon, The (2004-03-10)(Primal)(TopWare) [PC].7z (67.5M created 215h 49m 20s ago)
[AceK]Hokuto no Ken (Atomiswave)(2005)(Arc System Works)(Sega)[DC].7z (19.72M created 213h 23m 24s ago)
UploadernameBroula_Fable II (2008-10-21)(Lionhead)(Microsoft)[X360].7z (369.5M created 206h 42m 08s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Zombie Army Trilogy (2015-03-03)(Rebellion)[PS4].7z (368.56M created 186h 40m 10s ago)
[marcusss]Art of Conquest - Sylvani Spring (2017-06-05)(Lilith Games) [ANDROID].7z (19.57M created 183h 46m 00s ago)
[marcusss]Tales of Wind (2019-04-30)(NEOCRAFT) [ANDROID].7z (40.81M created 183h 12m 22s ago)
[marcusss]Los Angeles Crimes (2018)(Naxeex Studio) [ANDROID].7z (40.2M created 182h 32m 17s ago)
Layla - The Iris Missions (Hack) (2017-02-02)[NES][FCandChill].7z (16.19K created 148h 12m 27s ago)
Silver Surfer (1990-11)(Software Creations)(Arcadia)[NES][FCandChill][Rerip].7z (8.5K created 148h 07m 20s ago)
[Cooper B. Chance]Sim Theme Park [Theme Park World] (1999-11-04)(Bullfrog)(Electronic Arts)[PC].7z (108.21M created 144h 32m 24s ago)
[Cooper B. Chance]SimCoaster [Theme Park Inc.] (2001-01-29)(Bullfrog)(Electronic Arts)[PC].7z (78.33M created 144h 30m 06s ago)
[marcusss]Imprint X (2017-01-27)(Morgondag) [PC] .7z (37.47M created 123h 46m 47s ago)
[marcusss]Stars in Shadow (2017-01-20)(Ashdar Games)(Iceberg Interactive) [PC].7z (99.38M created 121h 04m 29s ago)
[marcusss]Hellenica (2017-01-24)(The Dragonloft) [PC].7z (160.2M created 120h 29m 22s ago)
[marcusss]Invisigun Heroes (2017-02-09)(Sombr Studio) [PC].7z (59.31M created 120h 19m 28s ago)
[marcusss]Go All Out (2019-06-07)(Blue Sunset Games)(Saurus Digital) [PC].7z (46.19M created 119h 42m 18s ago)
[marcusss]Nefarious (2017-01-23)(StarBlade) [PC].7z (71.86M created 119h 13m 27s ago)
[marcusss]Rise and Shine (2017-01-14)(Super Mega Team)(Adult Swim) [PC].7z (258.98M created 118h 51m 36s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Tron 2.0 (2003-08-26)(Monolith)(Buena Vista)[PC].7z (175.68M created 112h 24m 44s ago)
[marcusss]Eador Imperium (2017-01-28)(Snowbird Games) [PC].7z (82.44M created 109h 38m 56s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Amok (1997-01-17)(Lemon)(Sega)[SAT][rerip].7z (351.07M created 109h 30m 39s ago)
[OzoneOne]Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2013-01-31)(Sumo Digital)(Sega)[PC].7z (342.79M created 97h 03m 19s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Powerslide (1998-11-30)(Ratbag)(GT Interactive)[PC].7z (238.01M created 92h 51m 43s ago)
[punk7890-2]Hisshou Pachinko Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 13 Shinseiki Evangelion - Yakusoku no Toki (2008-12-18)(Bisty)(D3 Publisher)[PS2].7z (77.92M created 91h 09m 34s ago)
[punk7890-2]Gekijouban Macross F -  Sayonara no Tsubasa - Hybrid Pack (2011-10-20)(-)(Bandai Namco Games)[PS3].7z (20.85M created 91h 06m 42s ago)
[punk7890-2]Kazoku Keikaku - Kokoro no Kizuna (2005-02-24)(-)(Interchannel)[PS2][re-rip].7z (206.12M created 90h 58m 36s ago)
[punk7890-2]Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! G.P. Gakuen Princess (2009-01-22)(Cocktail Soft)(GN)[PS2].7z (228.67M created 90h 52m 02s ago)
[marcusss]VERLIES II - Verlies Origins (2016-12-09)(Koya) [PC].7z (31.11M created 87h 20m 53s ago)
[marcusss]Last Federation, The (2014-04-19)(Arcen Games) [PC].7z (100.56M created 85h 01m 43s ago)
[Puterboy1]The Great Escape (2003-06-22)(Pivotal Games)(Gotham Games)[PC].7z (36.39M created 84h 33m 42s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Guilty Gear 2 - Overture (2007-11-29)(Arc System Works)[X360][rerip].7z (741.41M created 78h 45m 15s ago)
[marcusss]Dark Horizon (2008-10-07)(Paradox Interactive) [PC].7z (143.22M created 74h 14m 08s ago)
[marcusss]Super Impossible Road (2016-05-11)(Wonderful Lasers) [PC].7z (46.13M created 74h 11m 03s ago)
[marcusss]Castle of no Escape 2 (2016-12-22)(D.E.X.)(Xitilon) [PC].7z (80.99M created 74h 00m 33s ago)
[marcusss]Children of Morta (Pre-Alpha)(Dead Mage)(11 Bit Studios) [PC].7z (85.82M created 73h 05m 17s ago)
[marcusss]Fighting Space (2016-12-21)(Apology Games) [PC].7z (13.24M created 72h 50m 58s ago)
[marcusss]Rhythm Defender (2019-05-14)(Gameplay Studio) [PC].7z (52.76M created 71h 28m 08s ago)
[Slashiee]Persona 4 the Ultimax ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD (2013-11-28)(Arc System Works)(Atlus)[PC].7z (778.67M created 55h 46m 30s ago)
[marcusss]A Dragon Girl Looks Up At The Endless Sky (2016-10-27)(DebonosuWorks) [PC].7z (280.39M created 52h 56m 35s ago)
[marcusss]Warfleet (2016-11-08)(UUUU Interactive) [PC].7z (72.11M created 52h 27m 25s ago)
[marcusss]Dragon Knight (2018-02-09)(D.K Studio)(Paradise Project) [PC].7z (52.77M created 51h 40m 24s ago)
[marcusss]Shadow Heroes - Vengeance In Flames (2016-11-22)(Allied Games) [PC].7z (29.68M created 51h 24m 53s ago)
[marcusss]MYTH (2016-10-28)(Circletempo)(MangaGamer) [PC].7z (191.46M created 51h 04m 24s ago)
[marcusss]Banner of the Maid (2019-05-28)(Azure Flame Studio)(CE-Asia) [PC].7z (164.12M created 50h 28m 02s ago)
[marcusss]Duke of Alpha Centauri (2016-12-29)(Just1337 Studio)(Just1337 Publishing) [PC].7z (201.58M created 49h 52m 08s ago)
[marcusss]Horgihugh (2019-06-11)(PiXEL)(LionWing Publishing) [PC].7z (32.68M created 49h 42m 57s ago)
[marcusss]Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories- (2019-06-05)(WindThunder Studios)(Skywalker HK) [PC].7z (403.72M created 48h 37m 13s ago)
[OzoneOne]Bugdom (1999-12-01)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (34.32M created 45h 27m 52s ago)
[OzoneOne]Bugdom 2 (2002-10-17)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (360 created 45h 26m 13s ago)
[OzoneOne]Nanosaur 2 - Hatchling (2004-03-10)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (9.48M created 45h 23m 05s ago)
[OzoneOne]Enigmo (2003-04-15)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (10.98M created 45h 11m 30s ago)
[OzoneOne]Enigmo 2 (2006-02-16)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (16.17M created 45h 10m 37s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Serious Sam II (2005-10-11)(Croteam)(2K)[Xbox].7z (510.11M created 39h 54m 53s ago)
[Ultrafighter]TMNT (2007-03-13)(Ubisoft Montreal)(Ubisoft)[PC][sorted].7z (177.53M created 20h 36m 18s ago)
[marcusss]Klang (2016-09-23)(Tinimations)(Snow Cannon Games) [PC].7z (234.61M created 16h 26m 26s ago)
[marcusss]Redemption - Saints And Sinners (2016-11-19)(Black Lime Studio)  [PC].7z (89.42M created 16h 13m 13s ago)
[marcusss]Nightwolf - Survive the Megadome (2019-06-12)(CYBERPHO).7z (33.21M created 15h 59m 15s ago)
[marcusss]Heartomics - Lost Count (2016-11-26)(Heartomics) [PC].7z (710.12M created 15h 12m 50s ago)
[marcusss]Glass Masquerade (2015-11-19)(Onyx Lute) [PC].7z (66.98M created 15h 03m 05s ago)
[marcusss]Bullshot (2016-11-23)(GATO STUDIO) [PC].7z (28.24M created 14h 32m 19s ago)
[marcusss]Polychromatic (2015-10-03)(Brushfire Games) [PC].7z (13.04M created 14h 27m 09s ago)
[marcusss]Solar 2 (2011-06-08)(Murudai) [PC].7z (23.72M created 14h 15m 38s ago)
[marcusss]Raptor - Call of the Shadows (1994-04-01)(Mountain King Studios) [PC].7z (3.67M created 14h 00m 48s ago)
[marcusss]The Hive (2016-08-26)(Skydome Entertainment) [PC].7z (246.08M created 13h 35m 03s ago)
[marcusss]XenoRaptor (2014-06-17)(Peter Cleary) [PC].7z (31.1M created 13h 24m 38s ago)
[marcusss]Metal Tales - Fury of the Guitar Gods (2016-11-18)(Nuberu Games) [PC].7z (407.75M created 12h 55m 48s ago)
[punk7890-2]Mushihimesama (2005-07-21)(Cave)(Taito)[PS2].7z (94.54M created 4h 32m 44s ago)