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[ReTag][SFC]Bakumatsu Kourinden Oni.rsn (271.29K created 1913h 57m 52s ago)
Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition [Outer World - 20th Anniversary Edition] (2014-06-19) (The Digital Lounge) [3DS].7z (29.01M created 1110h 40m 04s ago)
Guardian of Darkness, The (1999) (Cryo) [PS1].7z (9.99M created 1060h 04m 23s ago)
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (1998-10-15)(Semi Logic Entertainment)(Mattel Media)[PC].7z (16.73M created 1007h 17m 25s ago)
Devil May Cry (2001-08-23) (Capcom Production Studio 4) (Capcom) [PS2] [rerip].7z (345.22M created 884h 31m 41s ago)
[1425720626]Dance Dance Revolution - Mario Mix [Dancing Stage - Mario Mix] (2005-07-14)(Konami, Hudson)(Nintendo)[GC].7z (159.87M created 850h 38m 29s ago)
Gauntlet_Legends;Gauntlet_Dark_Legacy (1998) (2000) (Arcade) (Atari Games) (Midway Games) RE-RIP kirishima.7z (1.02G created 706h 18m 06s ago)
[Slender][rerip]Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone [Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone] (2001-11-15)(KnowWonder)(Electronic Arts).7z (35.96M created 520h 28m 10s ago)
[Slender]Hoggy 2(2017-07)(Raptisoft)[iOS].7z (221.84K created 470h 29m 33s ago)
[Slender]Sinaria - Lost in Space(1994)(John Pollard, Joe Hillman)[PC].7z (175.73K created 464h 10m 47s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Crash of the Titans (2007-10-4)(Amaze)(Sierra)[GBA].7z (1.43M created 460h 25m 01s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales (1994-12-9)(Imagitec Design)(Atari Corporation)[Jaguar].7z (445.56K created 459h 57m 52s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Tempest 2000 (1994-4-13)(Llamasoft)(Atari Corporation)[Jaguar].7z (895.86K created 459h 41m 44s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Sonic CD [Sonic The Hedgehog CD] (1993-11-19)(Sega AM7)(Sega)[SCD].7z (287.15M created 457h 20m 41s ago)
[sunk]South Park - The Stick of Truth (2014-03-04)(Obsidian Entertainment)(Ubisoft)[PC].7z (201.03M created 457h 12m 27s ago)
[Infomaniac95]South Park (1999-03-09)(Iguana Entertainment)[PC].7z (265.63M created 445h 46m 20s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Mickey's Wild Adventure [rr] (1996)(Psygnosis, Traveller's Tales)(SCE Europe)[PS1].7z (232.51M created 443h 34m 27s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse [rr] (1994)(Traveller's Tales)(Sony Imagesoft)[SCD].7z (229.7M created 443h 12m 22s ago)
[Gameboi64]Sonic Gems Collection (2005-08-11)(Sonic Team, Traveller's Tales, Sega AM2)(H.I.C., Comolink)(Sega)[PS2].7z (639.04M created 439h 25m 54s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (2007-06-26)(Ubisoft Quebec)(Ubisoft)[PSP][sorted].7z (230.77M created 423h 04m 21s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Headhunter - Redemption (2004-09-03)(Amuze AB)(Sega)[Xbox][rerip].7z (759.1M created 422h 54m 49s ago)
[Infomaniac95]SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge (2001-11-05)(Climax Development)[PS1].7z (2.25M created 403h 14m 34s ago)
[Ultrafighter]Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Double Agent (2006-10-17)(Ubisoft Shanghai)(Ubisoft)[X360][sorted].7z (13.04K created 399h 43m 37s ago)
[Ultrafighter]UFC Undisputed 3 (2012-02-14)(Yuke's)(THQ)[PS3][rerip].7z (597.39M created 399h 26m 10s ago)
Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge [Euro Demo 77] (2001) (Argonaut) (SCE) [PS1].7z (7.02M created 380h 04m 30s ago)
[NoWool]Halo - Combat Evolved (2001-11-15)(Bungie)(Microsoft Game Studios)[XBOX].7z (229.22M created 360h 21m 31s ago)
[Puterboy1]The Last Express Gold Edition (Smoking Car Productions).zip (9.49M created 351h 04m 12s ago)
[Lu9]LEGO Stunt Rally (2000-09-13)(Intelligent Games)[PC].7z (1.78M created 337h 00m 32s ago)
[Lu9]Charlie II (2002)(Wiering)[PC].7z (28.52K created 336h 53m 18s ago)
[Lu9]M&M's - The Lost Formulas (2000-09-28)(Simon & Schuster)[PC].7z (121.25K created 336h 48m 14s ago)
[Lu9]Nickelodeon Party Blast (2002-10-30)(Data Design Interactive)(Infogrames)[PC].7z (112.78M created 335h 51m 01s ago)
[Lu9]Pooh's Party Game - In Search of the Treasure [Party Time with Winnie the Pooh] (2001-11-22)(Doki Denki Studio)[PS1].7z (122.08M created 335h 01m 34s ago)
NickToons Racing (2000-10-05)(Software Creations)(Hasbro Interactive)[PC].7z (61.67M created 304h 32m 24s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Lego Rock Raiders [rr] (2000-07-30)(Data Design)(Lego Media)[PS1].7z (136.78M created 304h 22m 28s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Lego Rock Raiders (1999-11-15)(Data Design Interactive)(Lego Media)[PC].7z (3.35M created 304h 22m 00s ago)
[Infomaniac95]Lego Rock Raiders [rr] (1999-11-15)(Data Design Interactive)(Lego Media)[PC].7z (13.38M created 304h 16m 30s ago)
[Puterboy1]Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup (2003-10-28)(EA Games).zip (63.17M created 295h 11m 20s ago)
[Puterboy1]Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup (2003-10-28)(EA Games)(PC).zip (63.17M created 295h 07m 55s ago)
[Puterboy1]Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup (2003-10-28)(EA Games)(PS2).zip (59.09M created 295h 02m 44s ago)
[Puterboy1]Wolfenstein The New Order (2014-05-20)(MachineGames)(Bethesda Softworks)(PC).zip (361.13M created 294h 54m 04s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]After Burner III (1992-12-18)(CRI)(Sega)[SCD].7z (199.61M created 288h 41m 20s ago)
[emissce]Escaped Chasm (2019-04-02)(Temmie Chang)[PC].7z (14.76M created 279h 35m 21s ago)
[SuperMoonKnight]Sonic 3D Blast [Sonic 3D - Flickies' Island] (1997-09-25)(Traveller's Tales)(Sega)[PC].7z (375.57M created 272h 58m 07s ago)
[SuperMoonKnight]Frogger (1997-09-30)(SCE Cambridge)(Hasbro)[PC].7z (229.27M created 272h 57m 21s ago)
[SuperMoonKnight]SoulStar (1994-12-21)(Core Design)[SCD][Update].7z (274.97M created 272h 42m 37s ago)
[Slashiee]Dragalia Lost (2018-09-27)(Cygames)(Nintendo)[Mobile][update].7z (211.29M created 226h 44m 22s ago)
[Escalade14]Modern Combat Sandstorm (Gameloft) Android.zip (40.1M created 225h 18m 30s ago)
[Escalade14]Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus (Gameloft) iOS.zip (147.73M created 224h 44m 44s ago)
[marcusss]Malevolence The Sword of Ahkranox (2019-04-09)(Visual Outbreak) [PC].7z (83.36M created 198h 34m 22s ago)
[OzoneOne]Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2013-01-31)(Sumo Digital)(Sega)[PC].7z (342.79M created 195h 28m 42s ago)
[OzoneOne]Nanosaur 2 - Hatchling (2004-03-10)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (9.48M created 195h 23m 58s ago)
[OzoneOne]Otto Matic (2001-12-04)(Pangea Software)[PC].7z (53.27M created 195h 21m 47s ago)
[OzoneOne]Otto Matic (2001-12-04)(Pangea Software)(Aspyr)[PC] (reupload).7z (53.27M created 195h 14m 17s ago)
[OzoneOne]Cro-Mag Rally (2000-10)(Pangea Software)(Aspyr)[PC].7z (63.32M created 195h 10m 17s ago)
[marcusss]Settlers VII, The - Paths to a Kingdom (2010-03-23)(Blue Byte) [PC].7z (115.58M created 190h 00m 52s ago)
El Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera (2008-03-11)(Blue Tongue)(THQ)[PS2].rar (104.6M created 182h 46m 46s ago)
Nicktoons - Battle for Volcano Island [SpongeBob & Friends - Battle for Volcano Island] (2006-10-24)(Blue Tongue)(THQ)[PS2].zip (160.04M created 181h 51m 29s ago)
[marcusss]Fight the Horror (2019-04-10)(4DMACAU) [PC].7z (29.36M created 177h 43m 15s ago)
[marcusss]Elderborn (2018-10-12)(Hyperstrange)(Crunching Koalas) [PC].7z (171.82M created 177h 01m 55s ago)
[marcusss]Ninja Legends VR (2019-04)(Coinflip Studios) [PC].7z (8.23M created 176h 48m 43s ago)
[NoWool][Re-rip] Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix (2002-12-26)(Square)[PS2].7z (34.42M created 165h 09m 10s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Mega Man Legends [RockMan Dash - Hagane no Boukenshi] (1997-12-18)(Capcom Production Studio 2)(Capcom)[PS1].7z (56.41M created 149h 09m 24s ago)
[marcusss]Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (2016-12-01)(Zordix AB) [PC].7z (27.11M created 140h 42m 28s ago)
[marcusss]Hovership Havoc (2019-04-13)(Snow Day) [PC].7z (57.83M created 140h 07m 11s ago)
[marcusss]Deck of Ashes (2019-04-12)(AYGames)(WhisperGames) [PC].7z (37M created 139h 28m 04s ago)
[BlackYoshi485]Bubsy 3D - Furbitten Planet (1996-10-26)(Eidetic)(Accolade Inc.)[PS1].7z (7.15M created 128h 37m 31s ago)
[marcusss]Symphony of the Machine VR (2017-04-25)(Stirfire Studios) [PC].7z (75.62M created 116h 52m 11s ago)
[marcusss]Holy Road (2019-04-12)(peperoncino)(Kagura Games) [PC].7z (35.79M created 116h 04m 15s ago)
[marcusss]Reigns - Game of Thrones The West and The Wall (2018-10-19) (Nerial)(Devolver Digital) [PC].7z (119.4M created 115h 36m 58s ago)
[marcusss]Tangledeep (2018-02-02)(Impact Gameworks)[PC] ((Added DLC - Legend of Shara)).7z (75.32M created 29h 06m 51s ago)
[marcusss]HEVN (2018-09-25)(Miga) [PC].7z (48.77M created 28h 48m 51s ago)
[marcusss]Leaf (2019-04-11)(Simondtd) [PC].7z (110.58M created 28h 40m 32s ago)
[marcusss]Skautfold - Usurper (2018-02-21)(Steve Gal)(Pugware) [PC].7z (96.17M created 27h 17m 56s ago)
[marcusss]Unrest Indigo (2019-04-12)(Marcos Dumont) [PC].7z (42.2M created 20h 31m 08s ago)